Must-Have Appliances for Your Modular Kitchen

Hunger is one of the most basic instincts of humans. We associate hunger with food and food with the kitchen. Kitchens are like the nuclei of our homes. We start and end our days in the kitchen. This space is such an important aspect of our lives, it needs to be accessorized with the right kind of appliances to make our lives simpler. 

Placing ordinary appliances in these kitchens can ruin their look. Modular appliances fit well with modular kitchens as these are designed to have similar finishes and could be built-in. Modular kitchen appliances are user-friendly, cleanliness friendly, and reduce workload while giving your kitchen a contemporary look without looking out of place.

Here are a few kitchen appliances that you could check out.

Modular Chimney: These electric chimneys are a new must-have in kitchens these days. These suck in all the oil particles and smell from food vapors and smoke created during cooking. Install a chimney in your kitchen and don’t worry about that tadkaa you’ve been waiting to have over you daal

Dishwasher: If you are tired after a long day or just hate washing dishes, gone are the days where you needed to stand at the sink for a long time and clean the utensils. Investing in a dishwasher can save you a lot of trouble. Dishwashers are generally built-in and are placed under the counter, near the sink to provide them with water supply. Though tad is pricey, these machines are highly efficient. Dishwashers come with stainless steel interiors and flexible racks which keep them cleaner and are user friendly.

Built-in Microwave Ovens: Microwave ovens will help you from something as basic as heating up food to cooking the fancy dish of your dreams. These are very easy to use and can also be used by young kids and older people with ease. Built-in microwaves are placed near hobs for ease of cooking. Ideally, these must be placed at the height the same as the countertop.

Hobs: Gone are the days where you saw bulky, stainless steel stoves on your kitchen platforms with a lighter next to it. Hobs nowadays are much sleek and can be placed within the kitchen platform. They are also available in a ceramic finish to give it that elegant touch. Variants with electric induction are available too.

Built-in Refrigerator: Built-in modular refrigerators can be placed along with pantry storage units or combined with water purifiers for ease of access. Refrigerators come in various options of single doors, double doors, and various functions that you could choose according to your needs. 

Blenders / Food Processors: These small devices have a huge impact on the way we eat. They come with various attachments and blades that will help you with kitchen activities ranging from kneading dough, chopping to blending smoothies. 

Waste Crushers: Waste crushers are elegant little machines that crush kitchen waste like soft bones, egg shells, vegetable remains. These are concealed from plain sight and can be installed under your sinks.

All these appliances come with a wide range of variants to suit your needs and budget. Make sure you check out these appliances for your kitchen to make your life easier.

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