MyGlamm’s 2020 – Best Lip Stains And Lip Tints

Before deciding whether to use a lip stain or lipstick, one has to clearly understand the differences
between them. One such difference is that the ingredients of lipstick and lip stain vary. Waxes and oils are the main ingredients in Lipstick; other ingredients include pigment to achieve a specific colour and emollients to help keep the lips moist. Unlike the waxy base of lipstick, lip stain is mostly water or gel, although some products contain natural vegetable oils or mineral oil. Synthetic colours,
or natural ingredients such as henna, are added to stain the lips for up to 18 hours.
While taking lip care another difference is the long-wearing, smudge-proof effect. Because lip stain is
a less viscous solution than lipstick, it can occur in several forms: roll-on, gel with a sponge-tip
the applicator or marker-like tube with colour-infused tip. You will need to work quickly, irrespective of the application process.
When lipsticks are applied on the lips it does not immediately dry off as it is creamy in its consistency. But most of the lip stains when applied to dry off immediately. This is because of the alcohol content in the lip stains that facilitate this drying effect.
Though Lip stains offer less choice of colour than lipstick, the have selective colours that are a huge hit. However, the lipstick is produced in a variety of colours, ranging from palest pink to deep red and purple shades. The lipstick does not have a few other variations of lip stain: shiny, matt or pearl-like
finishes and moisture-rich ingredients like vitamin E or aloe vera.
You will need to first add a thin layer of lip balm for moisture to get a plump-and-pouty look from lip stain. Therefore, the colour on the lip is smooth. Just one layer should last for several hours, but by adding multiple layers you can get the more intense colour and then with a gloss on your lips. Lipstick must be reapplied more often, so you need to replace it more often — which translates into higher costs. Nevertheless, lip stain can be applied in the morning and can last throughout the day.
After analysing so much about the difference between lipsticks and lip stains, many people now are
starting to prefer lip stains over lipsticks as they are in the latest trend for the following reasons:
. This lasts longer than lipstick or lip gloss and stays for hours continuously.
. Lip stain is neither sticky nor shiny and dries completely so you don’t have to think about the stains you leave.
. You don’t have to fear that it will fade away or reapply once in a while.
. Another major advantage is that you don’t have to keep applying lit stain more than one time in a day. Since the usage is less, you don’t have to buy it more often.
Each one’s lips have a different texture and tone so before deciding whether to use lipstick or lip stain always go for a trial run and check how both sets on your lips and then make the decision. You can get a perfect lip stain in MyGlamm as they have an enormous collection of products. You can shop by category or by the products you need. There are also theme-based international makeup products collections like Manish Malhotra Collection, Daniel Bauer, Pose Collection, Lit Collection, and K.
Play Collection. And all the makeup products are cruelty-free and are rich in minerals, and oils.

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