Navigate Safe with Livescope Garmin 

Livescope Garmin is one of the leading and interesting sonar technology that will provide you with an experience of fishing, you might have never experienced before. It is a real-time scanning and live sonar that you can actually visualize to understand the live scanning sonar images of the fishes that are swimming clearly near the defined structure. You can lure them and retrieve it in the best possible manner with the help of livescope Garmin. It is not necessary that your boat needs to be moving. It can be stationary as well while the whole process is taking place. The images you get will be so precise with a little effort that you will be able to distinguish well between the various species of fishes. 

Features of Livescope Garmin

  • It is a highly detailed instrument that’s flexible in scanning the sonar images of the bait, structure and the fish swimming around and below your boat in the real life even when the boat is static or stationary. 
  • With it, you can easily flex the transducer to fit out the fishing techniques and move forward to look around the boat or point down to check directly below the boat. 
  • You can also look at the incredibly real-time scanning sonar images up to 200’ down and away. It has an AHRS that stabilizes the sonar view on the chartplotter screen even in the rough conditions. 
  • There is a simple play and plug Garmin Marine Network connector that is easy to install and flexibly integrate with the compatible Garmin chartplotter as well. You will have two major modes in one transducer. 
  • There will be Livescope Down and Livescope Forward mode in a single transducer like this. It’s very flexible to adjust to fit up to the fishing techniques.  
  • Livescope Forward option to check out the remarkably clear images of the structure and the fishes swimming around the boat. Again, you can use the Livescope down option to check out the things directly under your boat. 
  • The view forward and down will automatically update on the very compatible and flexible Garmin chartplotter. Then there is the AHRS stabilization that keeps the sonar view steady and flexible even in the rough and dark conditions. When you talk about the Livescope Forward mode, you will realize that it is an outstanding tool for the fishing and the scouting options and will keep you ahead of your cast. 
  • With the help of this livescope, you will have a look at the highly intricate yet detailed and easy to interpret scanning sonar images and the fishes swimming around your boat. The users can use this transducer as a supplement to look at the historical representation of the fishes and the structure below your boat. 
  • Garmin Livescope is generally the real-time three dimensional forward and down scanning sonar system meant especially for the Mariners. It is a game changer product, no matter what type of fishing you are doing. With it, you will not have to pass over the fishes to know they are right there swimming behind the boat, rather you will see all the fishes clearly swimming their way out in front of you. 

Fishing with this product is quite different as you need to open your mind and be there for the moment. Whenever you first start using it, you will get around familiar with it. All you need to do is rotate and rock your trolling motor side to side and go around the top of the boat ramp to check out the riprap and what rocks look like. Before you go forward to use this equipment, you must take a look at something running above the water so that you could understand exactly what it looks like below the water. 

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