Need to know about Massage oil Advantages and Disadvantages

Body massage is not just a relaxing mantra, it also helps one to rejuvenate the energy in one’s self. This has also been introduced as a treatment by the latest human science which is growing in popularity. It was earlier used just for preliminary body relaxation but now it has become a part of the treatment scientifically. 

It is a 5000 years old tradition to use Ayurvedic body massage oils mentions of which have been found in old texts and written proofs. Warm massage oil gives a different feel and satisfaction to the body and the mind peacefully. Massaging with oil is very satisfying and there are many advantages of best massage oils which must not be ignored. 

Advantages of Massage Oils

There are several advantages of using the best massaging oils for body massage which are usually not aware of. 

Muscles Tightening: Body massage oils help in tightening the body muscles this is also a part of physiology, which all the physiotherapists follow up. Children of growing ages are recommended this kind of muscle tightening massage.  

Flexible Joints: Body massage with oil also helps in making your joints more flexible. Usually, aged people are recommended joint massage when they tend to begin with arthritis in their joints stepping in the old age.  

Pain Relief: Body message using the best massage oils given an excellent body relief in the body. This also gives pain relief to the body which is now medically recommended for all kinds of unidentified pains in the body. Doctors avoid giving medicines to sudden body pain instead they recommend oil massage to the body. 

Calms nerves: Body massage with the correct massage oils, also pacifies the swollen nerves or excited nerves in the body. The oil should be massaged in a way that if any nerve is swollen or cause swelling that could be calmed with oil massage in the correct way. This is why physiotherapists are recommended so that the message in the correct way like they should. 

Lightens the skin tone: Massaging body with the best massage oil regularly adds a shine to the skin which seems like the skin tone has been lightened. If you want to massage not for body pain relief then you must choose an oil that has good skin components so that the components get added to your skin and you get shining skin. 

Blood Circulation: If you are not massaging for any body pain removal then you can do massage for a better blood circulation process. This is also essential for a human body which keeps the human active enough. 

Disadvantages of Massage Oil

There are no such disadvantages of using massage oils because oil is made of the natural component which does not affect the body by any means but of course some might not like the texture of the oil. 

Texture: Some people who have oily skin originally usually do not like the more oil on the body. So they prefer choosing body creams for massage than any body oil, the body cream also contains some very less amount of essential oil in it. Most of the body oil tends to be very thick but the body creams are lighter in composition so they like using creams. 

Skin Damage: One has to be very careful while using oil on the skin, because if anyone’s skin is non-resistant to some product contained in the oil, then that might create allergy or rashes on the skin of the user.  Such rashes could be painful, so if you know that you are not used to certain ingredients in the body then you must not use the oil containing that ingredient.

Dermatitis: People who already have some skin infection like dermatitis then using oil would not be good for their infection. Skin irritation or skin infections might increase or spread if the oil is used in that portion of the body. The weak skin does not get to avail oxygen due to the thick layer of oil on that portion of the body so the infection is increased. 

Smell: The smell of body massage oil is often very strong, such strong oil sometimes becomes intolerable for the users. So people often avoid choosing oil whereas they use the cream for body massage. 

Massaging body with the best massage body oil is very important and with the correct massage, one can avoid intake of medicines. It is important to use the oil in the correct way because massaging in the wrong manner can actually hurt your muscles resulting in a swollen nerve.

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