New South Wales nomination requirements

Australia is striving to be at the top in every field. It is taking major steps towards the betterment of not just its metropolitan areas but also the regional areas of Australia. This is majorly done by creating new work opportunities there. This is expected to attract many skilled individuals who are looking for a career boost to move and work in regional areas of Australia. It will also interest international migrants who are waiting for their chance for Australian immigration.

For the development of regional areas, many scholarship programs are also introduced that will facilitate the students to come and attain high-quality education in Australia. This will create a flux of international and domestic students in regional Australia that will lead to the prosperity and development of these areas. Moreover, this will also help to create new talent in Australia that will empower its economic stability

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New regional visa subclass 491

Regional skill visa subclass 491 is a visa that allows you to come to Australia and live, work and study in regional areas of Australia for 5 years. One can apply for permanent residency after living and working in a specific regional area for three years under this visa subclass. Also, the holders of this visa will enjoy welfare and health care benefits. The applicant of this visa has to get nominated by the state to get this visa.

New South Wales state nomination for subclass 491

The New South Wales is opening its state nomination process for the new visa subclass 491 from the middle of January 2020. So whoever is waiting for his or her chance to get this visa must hurry. If you want to learn more about this opportunity contact our best migration agent in Sydney who can help you anytime.

The requirements for the NWS state nomination

One must keep in mind the NWS nomination criteria according to his or her circumstances before submitting the expression of interest to the department of home affairs NWS. Here we will discuss these requirements according to different situations

Situation 1: Already living and working in regional Australia

The requirements for this situation are as under:

  • The applicant must belong to the occupation present in NWS regional occupational stream 1
  • Should be working in the regional area of NSW in your nominated occupation for at least a year
  • One must be living in a designated regional area of NSW for at least a year

Situation 2: living outside Australia

The requirements for this situation are as under:

  • The applicant must belong to the occupation present in NWS regional occupational stream 2
  • One must have a job offer related to the nominated occupation from an employer living in regional Australia or have at least five years of experience in the nominated occupation or a family member who is permanent Australian resident living in regional Australia

Situation 3: have recently completed studies in NSW

The requirements for this situation are as under:

  • The applicant must belong to the occupation present in regional occupation stream 2
  • Must have completed studies from a valid education provider in the regional area of NSW

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The Migration and NSW state nomination

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