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We believe that you are here because you might be currently suffering from specific cases of chronic pain at any given time. This type of pain can decrease your quality of life because it limits your range of mobility while inducing mild to severe pain. There are various factors that can trigger chronic pain, and during this detail, we shall go over them. However, even if you believe that your future is looking quite unfortunate because of your pain, we are here to tell you otherwise. 

The truth of the matter is that a well-trained chiropractor can really provide you with chronic pain treatment in Hollywood. These are trained professionals that have ample experience in dealing with ailments like yours. For these reasons, we would like you to join us throughout this informative article so that you may learn the causes and symptoms of chronic pain. Equally as important we will also talk about what type of chronic pain treatment can be available to you. 

The Causes & Symptoms

The main issue with chronic pain is that it is essentially just an event of recurring pain. In other words, chronic pain is pretty much a manifestation of your body signaling that something is going wrong. This is because you are still feeling pain even after your initial injury or health condition has been alleviated or healed.  As mentioned before chronic pain will begin to decrease your natural mobility function and proceed to reduce your physical endurance, flexibility, and general strength.  

Most experts mention that common cases of chronic pain last typically at least twelve weeks. Even after an injury heals or a tissue regains strength the individual will still feel symptoms as if the physical trauma had just occurred the prior day. Common types of chronic pain include: 

  • Headaches, 
  • Post-trauma pain, 
  • Post-surgical pain, 
  • Arthritis pain, 
  • Nerve damage

Now that we have talked about the types of pain, let’s go ahead and learn about their causes. Chronic pain is believed to be triggered by an immediate type of injury or forced trauma. Injuries like pulled muscles or strains can contribute to recurring pain, and physical impacts can affect our joints, tendons, and bones (vertebrae). Oftentimes and depending on the injury, the nerves can become affected as well. When this occurs, pinched nerves or irritated tissue can lead to long-lasting chronic pain. This will make it very difficult to even perform the simplest of tasks. 

The alarming aspect of chronic pain though is that sometimes it isn’t caused by a direct force injury. Instead, several underlying illnesses can contribute to the symptoms of it. Let’s review some of these conditions: 

  • Chronic fatigue pain syndrome – further prolonged weariness accompanied by aching pain. 
  • Fibromyalgia – lengthy case of radiating pain in various bones and muscles of the body. 
  • temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) – Type of condition that causes painful clicking, popping, and even prolonged locking of the jaw. 

Now, let’s go ahead and review the most common symptoms of chronic pain: 

  • Lower back pain, 
  • Aching pain within the joints, 
  • Muscle weakness and numbness, 
  • Burning, stinging, and pressurized pain. 

Specified Care

Chronic pain treatment is essential in order to recuperate the body and lessen the pain of your symptoms. The main goal here is to reduce the recurrence of your pain so that your mobility can be increased ten-fold. By being able to move better, you will be more productive and the pain will begin to decrease rapidly. 

Chiropractors and physical therapists will create a specific plan for your injuries and symptoms. This will allow you to receive the care you need in a specific and efficient manner.  In other words, your pain management plan will depend on what underlying illness or injury you suffered in the past. By correctly identifying your cause of pain, you will save time, pain, and money. 

Possible treatments for chronic pain include the following: 

  • Acupuncture, 
  • Specified physiotherapy, 
  • Manual adjustments in the affected area: These are meant to release any accumulated pressure or inflammation in the joints. 
  • Spinal manipulations: Meant to realign any misalignments around the vertebrae and back area. 
  • Deep tissue massages: This treatment will seek to increase blood flow within muscle or joint tissue. Muscle strength will also increase and the patient will notice a lesser likelihood of pain.  

We feel confident that you are now more knowledgeable about the facts regarding chronic pain. Despite the fact that it may be currently affecting your life in a negative manner, please remember that you can make a change for the better. By seeking chronic pain treatment in Hollywood, you will give yourself a chance to finally feel like your old self again!

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