Oil Powder – Should you include it in your diet?

MCT oil is a dietary food supplement, which is popular these days for salad dressings, smoothies, or even as an addition to your favorite cup of coffee. It is an abbreviation for medium-chain triglyceride, which contains several nutrients that can aid you in boosting your metabolism and reduce hunger pangs, which ultimately helps you shrink the belly and lose weight.

A recent version of the MCT oil now has a counterpart, the MCT powder, which has become more convenient for its consumers. In comparison to the oil, the powder form is easier on the digestive system and more natural to consume.
It is, however, necessary that you buy top-quality products from a trusted supplier such as https://opportuniteas.com/products/mct-oil-powder-unflavored or a reputable store online. At the initial stages, the powder should be consumed in small amounts so that your stomach can get used to it.
In recent years, people who were familiar with Atkins and Keto diets are becoming witness to the trending Bulletproof Diet, which claims to help lose-a-pound-per-day. The MCT oil powder is an ideal combination to fit the regime to help you burn fat. But that’s not the only reason people are using this product. Read on to explore its benefits, including weight loss and mental focus, among half a dozen others.

1. Lose Weight Naturally

It is not a magic formula, and it won’t help create dramatic performance either, but compared to the standard American diet, it can boost your metabolism like never before with the MCT powder.

2. Brain Tonic

The brain needs constant energy, which it gets from blood glucose. The powder becomes a source of instant energy, which can also fuel your brain. The MCT oil powder, due to its origin, the coconut enables to raise, levels of blood in ketones, which provides instant energy brain.

3. Athletic Force

Lately, the popularity scale has increased among sports and fitness fraternity. The reason for the scope among athletes is the fact that during intensive workouts, the increasing lactate levels can harm the body. MCT oil powder helps reduce lactate-buildup. The findings to support the theory, a study was conducted, which included athletes who consumed about six grammages of MCT powder with their regular diet and exercise routines. The result favored individuals with lower lactate levels compared to those consuming other LCT products.

4. Treatment for Neurological Diseases

Among the numerous benefits of MCT powder oil, another one of the significant breakthroughs of recent times is its discovery related to the treatment of neurological disorders. Research suggests that it offers benefits for a wide range of diseases such as Epilepsy, Dementia, and brain injury-related traumas. One of the main components, known as Caprylic acid, is the key and promises to contribute to the management and effectiveness of the conditions mentioned above.

5. Glorifies your Beauty

Last but not least, yes, it is an excellent product for your skin and hair. There have been several scientific studies on MCT and coconut as a beauty product. It can be a high-quality alternative for a moisturizer. It has proven to decrease dandruff too. Another useful tip is that it can also be helpful for oral hygiene.

6. Additional Usages

There are many other ways to incorporate MCT powder into your daily diet. How about adding a scoop to your favorite morning coffee or enjoy sipping your hot chocolate. For lunch, it adds and makes a perfect creamy texture to soups and creams. Last, it is undoubtedly an ideal mix for pre and post-workout drinks


The best part is that MCT oil powder has no side effects, or to say the least, there is no data available. However, starters are recommended to consume it in a mild to moderate amount and increase if desired. 

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