Perks Of Owning a Mobile Home Over a Traditional Home

There are many reasons why owning a mobile home over a more traditional home is more advantageous. When you take into consideration mobile home residency law, home park services and the experience of mobile home living, you’ll soon realize the advantages of owning one, and we’ll cover some of those advantages in this post.

Some Laws Governing Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks

Both residents and mobile home park owners and management come under special laws that govern the mobile home industry. When you move into a park – either as a homeowner or renter – you’ll be given a copy of these laws along with your rental agreement.

It’s important that you get familiar with the laws so you know your rights and where you stand in the scheme of things.

Covering all the laws governing mobile homes is way beyond the scope of this article, but having laws in place is to your advantage, as they serve to protect your rights.

While you can be evicted from a home park even if you own your mobile home (not paying the rent on the land, for example), it isn’t a simple process for you to be asked to leave, as relocating a mobile home is a costly process that also requires a lot of logistical planning.

Other laws will include abiding by the rules and regulations of the mobile home park. These rules are also in your favor, as they help to ensure your quality of life within the park, and that the park is respected by all residents.

You are also protected if the mobile home park closes down. Park owners or management must give you 12 months’ written a notice in areas where a permit is not required to close down the park.

Advantages of Mobile Home Living Compared To Traditional Homes

Let’s now take a look at just some of the many advantages of living in a mobile home park, so you can see why it’s such a positive move.

One of the key differences between being a mobile homeowner and the owner of a traditional home is the cost. When you own a regular home you’ll likely have a huge mortgage hanging over your head. Each month you are required to come up with expensive EMIs, along with costly utility bills and property taxes.

When you downsize to a mobile home within a mobile home park, instantly your cost of living is reduced drastically. This means way less financial pressure on your shoulders, and a lot more disposable income for you to get out and enjoy life.

Chances are your home loan will either be vastly reduced or paid off in full. All you will have to pay for then is the rent on the lot your mobile home sits on, and this rent is minimal compared to rents of regular houses or apartments.

Mobile home parks almost always have park amenities for you to enjoy as well, such as a swimming pool, socializing around the communal BBQ area, possibly even a games room and playground for the kids.

While it’s important for residents to respect and look after these common areas, park management will be responsible for the upkeep, general cleaning, repairs and maintenance of amenities, as well as the mobile home park in general.

You’ll find that living smaller means less time spent doing mundane chores, such as cleaning the house. You are responsible for looking after your home and lot, but a smaller home is always a breeze to maintain compared to a large, traditional style of home.

Another really cool thing to note about mobile home park living is the communal aspect. You’ll likely get to meet a lot of new friends within the park, particularly if you take advantage of the park’s amenities from time to time.

Enjoy some drinks and a BBQ with your new friends. You’ll have both the time and the money to socialize regularly.

The Wrap

There are numerous advantages to mobile home living, and we’ve covered just a select few here. Remember that while there are laws governing mobile home parks and residents, these laws exist to protect your rights and are to your advantage as well.

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