Playing Poker For Extra Cash In 2020

Is it a possibility to play poker for extra cash in 2020? Is it even a realistic thing to think that it could be possible to earn extra spending money playing a game that is gambling at its core? Doesn’t it mostly just boil down to luck? 

There is certainly an element of luck in the game of poker, but overall it is a game of skill and there is no question about that. What people get wrong when they think about poker is imagining it as just like any other casino game. It is not for a variety of reasons. The first thing to understand is that the poker player plays against other plays, not against the House. 

The casino always wins at games like slots in the long run because that is how the game is designed. The casino has to take home a certain amount of profit to continue to operate. It knows what it must take, and it operates that way. However, in poker, the players are only playing against one another with the casino taking its cut out of the pot. 

Big Swings In How Much Is Made 

The number one thing to consider when thinking about going all-in on making a living at online poker is the fact that you will need to prepare yourself for the big swings that the game can produce. Yes, it is possible to have a great winning night where you walk away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars. However, the inverse is also true. You can play the game perfectly according to the numbers and still end up losing over a short period of time. 

What any player who is considering giving poker a run as a legitimate way to make money has to understand is that it is entirely possible to lose money at the game as well. They need to only put up what they can reasonably afford to lose, and they must understand that this is a distinct possibility in a game that can be quite cruel and unfair at times. 

The Game Is Getting Harder

Another big point of emphasis before jumping into the world of competitive poker is that the game itself is getting a lot more challenging. There is a larger crop of players to choose to play against on sites like That probably sounds great on the surface, but remember that this also means that there are a lot of people out there honing their skills just as much as you are. They have improved at this point, and you have to up your game or get run over by the competition as well. 

People can’t walk into any poker room and expect to crush the game. There are so many variables involved that it is hard to describe. However, it is worth noting that players can at least appreciate the game for what it is and hopefully gain skills themselves over time. 

There are some who will profit enough from poker in 2020 that they can legitimately count it as some of their income, and this proves to be highly important as well. Think about this and understand that you can choose to make 2020 your year to turn poker profitable for yourself. 

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