Pointers to Keep in Mind before Purchasing Cleansers for Your Skin

Your skin is constantly exposed to dirt, bacteria, and allergens throughout the day. Thus, it is necessary to cleanse it regularly. A good cleanser can help remove grime, dirt, and oil from your skin, while also hydrating it efficiently. A good facial cleanser, in particular, clears pores of unwanted debris and reduces dirt accumulating. So selecting the right cleanser for your face is essential. We’ve come up with a few pointers to help you choose the right facial cleanser. 

Identify Your Skin Type

Different skin types have different sorts of cleansers. Hence, it’s important to recognize your skin type before choosing a cleanser. If you use a cleanser that does not suit your skin, it can lead to problems such as oiliness, dryness or irritation. There are 5 different skin types:

  • Normal – Perfect mixture of oil and moisture.  
  • Oily – This becomes greasy soon after a wash.
  • Dry – Devoid of moisture and oily and may be flaky.
  • Sensitive – This skin type requires special care as it reacts to products easily. 
  • Combination – Some parts of the skin are dry while others are oily.

Once you identify your skin type, you can choose the right cleanser with more ease. 

If You Have Dry Skin, Choose a Moisturizing Cleanser

For dry skin, choose cleansers filled with fruit nutrients and essential oils. Not only do these nourishing ingredients moisturize the body, but they also help to make it smooth and supple. To deeply moisturize the body, opt for a cleanser that has natural oils such as coconut and lavender.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

Stay away from all rough, oil-dissolving, soap-based cleansers as they have alkaline properties. In addition, many dry-skin cleansers tend to leave a greasy layer on your face. This can be detrimental to the quality of your skin in the long run. Most importantly, never use a cleanser that leaves your skin dry.

Choose a Cleanser with Exfoliating Ingredients

Regular exfoliation can greatly benefit your skin. But exfoliating daily can be harmful if your exfoliant is harsh. So choose a cleanser with mild ingredients such as microbeads or peach pits which remove dead skin cells effectively and make your skin shiny while promoting blood circulation. 

Look For Online Reviews

The internet is full of reviews of each new cleanser that reaches the shelves of the supermarket. Go through these reviews and compare different items with time. Before making a decision, visit reputable sites and forums.

Stay Away From Sulfates

Keep away from sulfates, no matter what your skin type. In conjunction with water, sulfates are chemical detergents used to lather in cleansers. This lather emulsifies and strips natural oils from the skin, leaving pores open and prone to acne.

Test the Product

An allergic reaction can result from a facial cleanser that does not suit your skin Therefore, buy smaller tubes that you can test for a week or two while deciding between alternative cleansers. Allow the cleanser time to work before making a purchase and see if it fits your skin type.

Choose a Cleanser for Your Specific Skin Problem

Some cleansers are designed to fix certain skin problems other than just washing the face. They are often labeled by the issue they are addressing, such as “oil balancing cleanser” or “acne-clear cleanser.” If you’re choosing a cleanser that addresses a specific skin concern, make sure it fits your skin type as well.

Ask For Recommendations

The first source for you to conduct a survey of facial cleansers is your family. Ask people you know about the ingredients of their cleanser and whether or not it works well. Get a head start in your search for the best cleanser by finding out which facial cleansers your friends and family like and hate. Remember asking only those friends whose skin type is similar to yours is going to work.

 Learn About Different Cleanser Consistencies

Textures of cleansers range from thick and creamy to consistencies that are clear and gel-like. It’s because the cleanser’s consistency determines the skin type for which it is best suited. Creamy cleansers are ideal for dry skin while oily skin types work well with gel or foamy cleansers.

Consider Your Current Routine

Most people have a daily ritual when it comes to skincare. Your routine is usually determined by your lifestyle and your skin’s needs. Depending on how and how often you use a cleanser, you can narrow down your search in the quest for a perfect cleanser.

Lastly, Consider How You Want Your Skin to Feel and Look

Everyone wants to be comfortable with their appearance and a large part of that is how your skin looks. Although all healthy skin is essentially beautiful, you probably have a more specific idea of the kind of look you want. The good news is, there are cleansers to help create all sorts of looks to get you closest to the version of the look you want for your skin.  

Whichever cleanser you end up choosing, do not over cleanse or you are headed for skincare disaster. Now that you know the different points to keep in mind before purchasing a cleanser, perhaps it’s time to go and try out some of the best ones in the market. We recommend Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser which has all natural, organic ingredients. It can help restore your skin’s balance while removing excess oil and debris from its surface. 

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