Powerbeats pro wireless earbuds review

In this present time, entertainment has been made more enjoyable by wireless devices. Wireless earbuds have dominated the market. They are compact, light, and wireless making them comfortable and convenient for use even when you will be doing your exercise. The cost of these earbuds varies depending on the brand and features.

Powerbeats pro wireless earbuds are available in different shades. They are well made using the best quality materials hence making them sturdy. They are also designed to properly fit your ear without causing any kind of pain. Their ear tips are made using soft-quality material.

Design and style 

These earbuds are available in different colors including black, ivory, navy, and moss. These earbuds are wireless and they have great performance. These earbuds have a coating which will help in preventing sweat and water resistance when carrying out your workouts or either running. On either of the earbuds, you will be able to control volume, play, pause or skip music.

These earbuds are compatible with both Android and iOS. On the side of the earbuds, there is a brand logo that makes the buds attractive.

Sound Quality 

This earbud gives out the immersive sound experience. You will be able to hear only what you need. With a good fit, noise from the surrounding environment will be isolated. With an inbuilt microphone, you will be able to have hands free clear phone calls. You will be able to control the volume on any of the earbuds.

With an optical sensor plus movement accelerometer, the earbud will be able to detect when the earbud is in or out of your ear and play or pause the music.

Comfort level 

The earbud comes with four pair ear tips of different sizes. The earbuds are also fitted with ear hooks which will allow the earbuds to be stable on your ear.You can use as your sleeping earbuds. 

Ease of use

Both the earbuds have a control interface. You will be able to control the volume, play, pause or skip in either of the earbuds.

Battery life 

They have a quality battery that has a lifetime of 9 hours. Furthermore, they come with a charging case that will give you more than 24 hours of playtime. A quick charge of five minutes will give you a playtime of 1.5 hours. These earbuds have adjustable and secure-fit ear-hooks for stability & lightweight comfort.


  • They are lightweight
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • Has auto play and pause feature
  • Their battery has a long lifetime
  • Each earbud has full control
  • Fitted with an optical sensor & motion accelerometer
  • They come with four pairs of ear tips


  • Its sound needs some improvement

What’s in the box?

  • Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Four ear tips pairs with different size options
  • Lightning – USB-A charging cord
  • User Start guide
  • Warranty card


Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones can be used on more devices. Every earbud connects independently to give you the best connectivity and freedom. With the best quality battery, you will have a longer playtime. These earbuds are sweat and water-resistance hence you will be free to use it when doing your exercises.

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