Practical Tips in Protecting Your Digital and Print Photographs in Canada

Canada is a picturesque country in North America with lots of scenic spots. It’s no wonder Canadians love photography a lot. Due to the demand for photo printing services, the country saw the emergence of several companies offering the service like Canvas n Decor.

If you live in Canada, you may find the need to protect your printed photographs from the harmful effects of the environment and other hazards. You may also want to preserve the digital photos stored in your computer for your future generations to reminisce and learn about their ancestors.

Here’s how you can protect both your printed and digital images to preserve the memories of your family.

Tips and Tricks in Maintaining the Quality of Your Print Photographs

It is essential to preserve the quality of your photos for the enjoyment of your future generations. For your most favorite images, it is best to find a professional metal print photo service in Canada to print them for display in your home or office. Here are some practical steps you may take to preserve your print photos:

  • Make sure to store your photos away from direct sunlight. Photographs exposed directly to sunlight fade due to the breaking down of pigment and dye molecules.
  • Keep your photographs away from areas with high temperatures and humidity. To preserve the quality of your prints, store them in rooms with a relative humidity of 20-45% and a temperature of 32-60°F.
  • Place your treasured images in high-quality albums. The American Museum of Photography recommended archival-appropriate albums made of polypropylene (PP) plastics.
  • Avoid using office equipment like paper clips, binder clips, and rubber bands to bind your photos. These binders can cause permanent marks in your images.
  • Use a specialized archival box rather than a shoebox to store your images. If you do not want archival boxes, you may opt to use storage made of PP plastics.

How to Safeguard Your Digital Photographs

Printing your digital photographs in metal prints is one of the best ways to preserve your favorite images. Always remember to get the best providers of metal print photo service in Canada, such as Canvas n Décor. Here are other suggestions on how to take care of your digital photos.

  • Find your digital photographs. Locate and gather all your digital images of your family from sources like your digital camera and social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.
  • Select the images you want to preserve. 
  • Group or categorize your photographs. Create different file names for each group for easier access.
  • Make digital copies. To make sure you have backup files, create duplicates and store them in cloud storage, flash drives, external hard drives, etc. You can also give copies to friends and family members as gifts.
  • Open the files periodically to make sure they are still intact. Inspect your photographs at least once a year and create new copies every five years.

Preserving both your printed and digital family photos will ensure your descendants will have lots of references and memories of their ancestors. It is also an excellent way to continue your family traditions and values. By following the tips above and hiring a metal print photo service in Canada, you can protect your favorite images for your future generations.

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