Pro and Cons of PolyJacking and MudJacking

When it comes to lifting your sunken concrete, you will have to choose between poly jacking and mud jacking. They are two standard methods offered by concrete lifting contractors. Before you decide on any solution, you should know all about its pros and cons. So, let’s find out what are the benefits and shortcomings of poly jacking and mud jacking.

DIY concrete leveling may seem like a cheaper option compared to hiring a professional contractor. However, it’s important to note that DIY concrete leveling methods require tools and equipment that can be expensive to rent or purchase. Additionally, if the DIY concrete leveling fails, it may end up costing more money to fix the resulting damages.

 Cracks in concrete slabs are common. In fact, you should even expect them. They’re often caused by shrinkage during the concrete curing process. However, they’re also caused by tree roots and temperature fluctuations.

Driveway leveling is a minimally-invasive way to fix an uneven driveway without tearing up the slab and pouring new concrete. Most driveway leveling jobs can be completed in just a few hours. The only way to know how much concrete leveling will cost is to contact a concrete lifting professional and ask for an evaluation and repair estimate.

Leveling the existing concrete is the most economical solution to providing a safe surface for patios, pools, sidewalks, streets, garages, and more. Avoid trip hazard liability lawsuits and improve the safety of your property by investing in concrete repair. If you notice any signs of trip hazards, contact the concrete leveling specialist as soon as possible.

What is Mudjacking?

It is a traditional method of leveling sunken concrete. The contractor uses cement slurry and other good quality material combo to re-level the concrete surface. This method has been used for centuries and requires expertise.


  • This option is cost-effective, you won’t have to spend too much on these services.
  • If you think of replacing concrete, this method requires more money, and the whole process is quite messy. On the flip side, mudjacking is a quick solution and doesn’t create any mess.


  • It takes more time to set up and cure. You can’t walk in your driveway for at least four to five days. 
  • When you have cracks on your concrete, it doesn’t solve the underlying reasons for these cracks.
  • It is a temporary solution, and you need to seek another repair or replacement in a year or more.

What is Poly Jacking?

It is a method in which polyurethane foam is used to lift a sunken concrete slab. This high-density foam is injected into a concrete slab after drilling equal size holes in it. Only concrete lifting professionals in Washington DC can handle this job. Please don’t watch a youtube video and start lifting your home concrete. It won’t be a great idea and results in multiple issues.


  • There are many advantages associated with polyurethane concrete leveling services. First of all, this method projects you from a concrete trip hazard in driveway. You won’t have to face legal issues due to slip and trip accidents. 
  • Another crucial advantage of poly leveling is that no repairing time is required. This means that this concrete lifting method can be considered a permanent solution to solve all your concrete lifting problems.
  •  It doesn’t require any repaving or deepening of roads, and it does not require any concrete pouring. 
  • Also, this concrete lifting method is considered to be very safe and efficient.


  • It is an expensive concrete lifting method.
  • One major drawback of using poly jacking is that the time taken to make the required concrete slabs is considerable. This is because concrete is a soft material and needs to be adequately treated during the making of foundation slabs. 
  • Moreover, the amount of cement required to make the foundation slabs is also quite large. This results in an increased cost for the construction company involved, but this proves beneficial in the long run as it helps you achieve suitable quality foundation slabs.

Wrap Up

Finally, you have got complete details about the pros and cons of poly jacking and mudjacking. When you are tight on budget, mudjacking seems like a temporary solution. However, money is not the main problem, think of getting a poly jacking job as it offers a permanent solution by addressing underlying issues.

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