Procrastination: 7 Reasons Why It’s Good & You Should Embrace It Now

Let’s face it – everyone thinks that procrastination is a bad habit. The point is that it interferes with our inspiration and productivity, as well as never lets us accomplish whatever we have to in time. According to the most recent surveys, more than 20% of people deal with procrastination regularly, and this number is growing from year to year. The worst thing about procrastination is that you’re actually afraid of failure. However, some experts tend to believe that procrastination is a sort of art. The art of managing delay. What is more, they claim that procrastination can actually lead you to some greater happiness and success. Let us check some strong examples that prove it’s time to embrace your procrastination and that it’s not that bad at all.

Structured Procrastinators Cope with More Things

If there’s an essay that you have to complete but don’t feel like, experts say a structured procrastinator will definitely find something else to work on in its place. For instance, you might do the laundry, clean your room, pay your bills, search for the custom writing company to write essay for you, or send out some important emails. However, at the end of the day, you will accomplish the thing you’re supposed to. As you can see, procrastination of this kind is no bad at all since you have gotten all of the rest tasks done in the process!

Procrastination Helps Manage Unnecessary Deadlines

Let’s face it, we deal with loads of things that are paced faster than they actually should be. It seems that you have to submit every other project today and only today, if not two days ago. Procrastination enables you to set your special pace. And when the real deadline is out there, you are ready to think and decide. In other words, procrastination helps you stay away from wasting your precious time doing something unimportant too fast.

Procrastination Stands Behind Better Decisions

When it comes to procrastination, it involves thinking about the biggest amount of time that one can delay making a decision or taking a certain action, and then waiting until the last moment. While delaying, you as a procrastinator are collecting information that is a real recipe for success.

Procrastination Boosts One’s Creativity

One of the ultimate truths of life is that procrastinators turn out to be great thinkers. What is more, putting off some tasks can be a real engine of one’s progress! When you have work to do, and it seems to be too difficult to handle, procrastination may help you invent a better way to get the assigned job done.

Just take a look at the history thing. Nearly every other invention was made by people who were supposed to be doing something else and had neither time nor will to be engaged in something else.

Procrastination Makes You Happier

We all need to have a break sometimes. You just feel like you need to stop now, breathe in and breathe out, get rid of other people’s expectations, and dedicate some time to your own wishes and desires. Exactly in one of such moments, procrastination can help!

Even though one shouldn’t procrastinate to every other assignment, there is nothing wrong if it happens once in a while. Don’t blame yourself for it, just make certain to give yourself time. Clearly, if you do not waste this time but make sure to use it in order to get the other things done, you will be impressed by how productive you are. It is still possible to remain productive while you postpone doing other important things. What is more, it is a nice opportunity to relax and enhance inspiration. When you’re finally well-rested, you will realize that you have more desire to work on this or that task. The key idea here is that procrastination may help you feel happier and better in general since you don’t put any sort of pressure on yourself.

Procrastinators Know What’s Most Important

At any point in our lives, we all need time to think about what truly matters and what doesn’t. And the question is not about some highly philosophical things – just what is most important in your life exclusively. When you think through different things or clear up your mind, you will discover the issues of importance that are deeply rooted in your heart and mind. After that, you will be able to take action accordingly.

Procrastination Is OK

Instead of torturing yourself due to your procrastination mode, make sure to embrace the realization that there is nothing wrong with procrastination. Only if this state gets chronic or out of hand, it means you have a problem.

Without question, procrastination can be destructive. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation when you have to make your decisions quickly, and if you fail to – the chances are you will lose the best opportunities. And you definitely don’t want to turn procrastination into your daily habit, do you?

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