Pros and Cons of Retiring to Jacksonville, FL

One decision that needs to be considered when it is time to retire is where to live. There are many choices for people to contemplate. Jacksonville, FL is one place that presents many positives and some negatives, discussed below.



The warm temperatures year-round present a tempting option to those looking to escape from the snow and ice. The local climate is sunny with temperatures between 45 in the winter and 90 in the summer. The worry of passing storms need not be a concern when living here since most storms pass by without damage.


Residents of Jacksonville will discover many activities to keep them occupied. Locals have the possibilities of beaches and parks. There are many parks locally to enjoy the beauty and peaceful atmosphere, while the grandchildren play. Interested in visiting a beach, they are only an hour’s drive away. Fishing is yet another option for a day’s pursuit, with local lakes or a drive to the ocean. Men and women alike can also appreciate the local golf courses for an outing with friends or family.

Cost of Living:

Jacksonville, FL is a great place to live for those looking for a nice climate while living within a budget. The local cost of living is lower than in other places in the United States. Residents will find affordable housing that is comfortable and convenient. Locals will find that grocery, medical, and the overall cost of living is more affordable here than many other places while still getting to enjoy retirement. An additional area that will help those that are retiring is that moving companies in Jacksonville, FL are cost-effective.


Retiring to Jacksonville, Florida does not mean that one must leave culture behind. Jacksonville offers occupants several ways to experience art, music, and literature. Music lovers can take part and enjoy the community orchestra with melodious events. Art festivals are another cultural aspect for citizens to appreciate. A small-town atmosphere presents itself in the form of local customs. Jacksonville offers all a chance to partake in its culture and enjoy the area in which they live.



Jacksonville like many other cities is not free of crime. They have a large crime rate that remains mostly in burglary and theft. Although not as prevalent there is some violent crime such as aggravated assault and robbery. Granted, there are safe places in Jacksonville, you just need to do your research to find a place that you’re comfortable with.


Jacksonville spread out and encompasses a large landmass. The wide expanse of the area requires one to own or have access to a vehicle instead of the use of public transportation. The location of Jacksonville also has its positives since there are fewer hurricanes than other places along the coastline. This does not mean that there is not a possibility of one occurring. Rush hour traffic is another concern since most of the roads in and out of the area are by the bridges, the roads can get backed up.

Every city has the pros and cons of settling when retiring. No matter the reasons, weather, recreation, cost of living or culture, each place has its attractions or distractions. The moving companies in Jacksonville, FL can aid you when retiring to Jacksonville.

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