Purchasing a new Car? Things one can get to have a better car

Are you planning to buy a car? 

Every country has its own rules when it comes to automobiles. So, if you are in Australia, then, do as the Australians do. The first thing you should know is it’s best not to import a foreign-made car; the taxes levied on imports could significantly increase its buying value. Moreover, the Australian government is very strict about the modifications you can make to your automobiles. So, if the imported car doesn’t comply, then you would end up paying huge costs to the mechanics to get it modified as per the regulations. 

You save a great deal of money when you choose to buy a car from a domestic dealer. However, there are a few things you should be sure of when you make the important decision of a car’s purchase

Following are five things you should get to make the most of your dream ride:

Car Insurance

 A third party car insurance policy is mandatory for all vehicles in Australia, but that doesn’t cover you! A third party insurance policy has a much lower premium size than that of a comprehensive scheme. However, third party insurance only covers the other people or vehicles or property that may be damaged by your car. To cover, your own losses, you need to opt for a more comprehensive scheme. Before you sign any insurance papers, we request you take out some time to understand their terms and go through the policy term papers.

Car Modifications

Your car doesn’t have to stay as a budget carrier, even if you bought it that way! With help from specialists such as Automoda, you could give your car a much-needed boost. How? By adding boosters! Or perhaps improving your engine, or maybe it is the suspension you want to enhance – whatever it is, an experienced mechanic can do it for you. However, before you sign up for any alterations, please be mindful that some modifications may land you in a legal controversy. Thus, it is best to go for a piece of expert advice on what is financially, legally, and practically change-able in your car. 


When it comes to a car, what’s on the inside is what really matters! You could always give your car a much more polished look by redoing its interior. You could make use of wooden textured or velvet seat covers, or spice it up with some colorful vintage cushions. You could redefine your car’s interior with the help of experts, who can not only deliver a dreamy output but also help you choose what suits best. 

Make the most of your warranty

When we make a new purchase of any modern appliances, we get a warranty period with the product. Your car comes with that! Cars are sensitive machinery and prone to degradation. For most cars, this period goes on until 72 months from the purchase. If there are any repairs needed in the first 3-5 years of the car’s purchase, it may still be covered under the warranty period. Thus, it is important you enquire and read about your model. 

Read the News

Car giants are always striving to improve their offerings and to make them available at the most competitive price. After all, it’s business for them! However, when customers go out to buy an automobile, they rarely enquire about the upcoming models. If one waits a little longer, they have a better chance of buying a more updated and desirable version. It is imperative that one doesn’t make hasty decisions, and rather weighs in all their present and soon-to-be present options carefully, before signing the cheque.