Retiring Soon? Check out Homes for Sale in Ottawa

If you are in your 50’s, you must be thinking of retiring soon.  One of the best places to spend your golden years is in Ottawa, the nation’s capital.  Known for its Museum of Nature and the National Gallery of Canada, there is no shortage of cultural activities in the city.

MacLean’s listed Ottawa as the second-best city for retirees in 2017, next to Victoria.  Residents enjoy affordable property taxes, comfortable weather, and a good doctor ratio of 3.3 per one thousand patients.

Before looking at Homes for Sale in Ottawa, here are some special considerations for retirees.

Your Health and Mobility

What is the current status of your health? Are you at risk of developing serious diseases that could result in losing your mobility?

According to health professionals, mobility can be affected by joint problems, weak muscles, neurological problems, and diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Consider reduced mobility if you have a family history of these diseases when viewing Homes for Sale in Ottawa.

For example, choose houses located near The Ottawa Hospital, which has a geriatric day.  Also, look into communities like Eastboro and Summerside South, which are minutes away from restaurants, shopping, and dining.  Another plus is places surrounded by greenspace – perfect for stretching, walking, and having picnics with your grandchildren.

Your Capacity to Drive

Based on statistics released by Transport Canada, more seniors die from traffic accidents.  A study initiated by a Canadian research team tracked the driving performance of drivers aged above 70.  Participants were from seven cities, including Ottawa.  Although most senior drivers were considered cautious, aging affected their cognitive and physical abilities.  Therefore, seniors need to be prepared for the time when they can no longer drive.

Therefore, while you are still planning to retire, choose Homes for Sale in Ottawa accessible to public transport. 

Your Home’s Design

If you have the opportunity to build or renovate, start designing an age-friendly home.  Check this article by Architectural Digest that shares essential information in preparing a home for older adults.  

Consider the following features:

  • Ramps instead of steps
  • Grab bars in toilets
  • Walk-in shower rooms
  • Accessible areas for laundry
  • Doors wide enough for walkers or wheelchairs
  • Bathroom, bedroom, and laundry on the main floor of the house

Your Living Space

The majority of older adults still want to live independently.  To address this concern, the City of Ottawa supports the construction of coach houses, also known as granny flats.  These are stand-alone smaller houses in an existing property.

Before buying Homes for Sale in Ottawa, consider building a granny flat in the property.  Based on the requirements of the City of Ottawa, not all lots are suitable. They should be:

  • Smaller than the principal house
  • With enough hard space for both houses
  • Not more than 40 percent of the yard
  • Height up to 3.6 meters  

Another option regarding living spaces is to move in with family members.  Unfortunately, this is not always the right arrangement for both parties.  

A third alternative is to build a house with friends.  Check for Homes for Sale in Ottawa with large shared spaces – parking, kitchen, and living room.

It is never too late to plan for retirement.  With these considerations, you should be able to find suitable Homes for Sale in Ottawa.

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