Road or Air: Best Means of Getting To Your Destination

We all know that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation. This has greatly increased the number of people picking it over other means of transportation over the years. Studies show that the number of people who prefer to travel by air in the US has doubled since 1977.

That being said, we need to understand that there are other variables to consider when choosing a mode of transportation for your vacation. 

To travel by air, you have to first endure a couple of hours in traffic to get to the airport from your home, endure the grueling customs and security checks at the airport, board a crowded plane, hustle to get a nice spot for your luggage, only for you to get cramped in your tight sitting space. 

Along the way, if you do not fall asleep, you will majorly have clouds to keep your company and that’s if you are lucky enough to travel during the day and you get a seat by the window. At the end of it all, you will discover you have just wasted several hours on an uneventful trip.

On the other hand, going by road will ensure that you have a captivating and enriching adventure. So many new places to see and lots more to do. You should go on at least one road trip in your lifetime.

If the about reasons are not enough, then here are five (5) more to convince you that traveling by road in the U.S. is better than flying.

They Are More Affordable

This right here is the main reason to choose a road trip over flying. A lot of families are picking road trips over flying because it is cheaper. With the steady increase in the cost of plane tickets, it is starting to cost a fortune when the whole family has to go on the trip.

However, before you start your journey, there are some important precautions you will need to take. For starters, you need to take the car for routine maintenance to avoid surprises during the trip. Although it is cheaper than flying, the cost can drastically increase if you incur some expensive repairs on the way. 

To avoid this, you have to make sure that the car is in its best condition before you leave for the road and also make sure that you have car insurance. That way, if anything happens, you will know you are covered, everyone is safe, and your fun trip won’t be marred. You should also know the type of car insurance you have so you can know what you are covered for. To know more about different car insurance policy, you should visit the aa website and can request a quick quote online.  A simple accident is enough to ruin the whole journey if all is not in order.

It Can Be Quite Flexible

Unlike flying, you aren’t tied to a rigid schedule. You can pick your departure time and even more luggage more people. Even your pet can go with you instead of going through the stress of finding a sitter. 

Also, you can decide to stay longer at locations that tickle your fancy or even take a more scenic route you decided on mid-trip.

Discover Photo Opportunities 

Remember those scenic routes you might end up taking, they give you a chance to bring out the photographer in you. When traveling by air, the only picture-taking opportunity that opens up to you is to either take a snapshot of the wings or the clouds. 

However, on a road trip across the U.S., plenty of opportunities will open up. Numerous views, sunrises and sunsets, interesting folks, and notable landmarks that will all grab your attention. You might even discover new places. You might never be able to drop your camera all through the trip.

Offers Quality Time With Family

Nowadays with the advent of social media and instant messaging, it has become increasingly more difficult to spend quality time with people that are right in front of you. Intimate dialogue has all but become obsolete. 

When traveling by road, you get to spend more time together and thus get to know each other more. You get the chance to have deeper and more meaningful conversations, have a good laugh, and perhaps learn more about those with you than you have ever learned. 

Even when no one feels like chatting, you can all decide on a song to play and have a fun time singing along together. Whichever way you choose, you will realize you arrive at your destination much faster than you envisaged.

You Can Cancel Anytime

We all know that canceling a flight at the last minute always requires a pound of flesh (sometimes two pounds). Even with travel insurance, you are still required to have a valid reason before you can be refunded and your insurance only covers you in case of real emergencies.

With a road trip, however, the only losses you incur are the deposits and maybe lodging costs. It is much easier to cancel or even postpone than a flight.

With all these reasons, it is of little wonder that a lot of people are gradually preferring a road trip to flying. 

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