Role of Broadband Internet in Rural Development

The generation of today is all about innovation in technology and digital advancement. The unprecedented heights reached by technology are a sign of growth and progress.  Not a single part of our lives remains unaffected by the era of this technological movement. Communication has become easier than ever. Businesses are flourishing, creating new job opportunities, modes of attaining education are increasing, and much more!

However, a large section of human habitat is still ill-informed and hopelessly seeks to share in the advantages of digital development. This segment is the rural US, missing on high-speed broadband connectivity. An introduction of high-speed internet in these areas can transform the way problems are solved and businesses are conducted. The necessity of broadband connectivity in rural areas these days is undeniable. Let’s see how various sections of rural areas can be better served by the introduction of broadband service.

Reduction in Migration

Most of the internal migration occurs from rural to urban areas in expectation of better employment opportunities. If we invest in rural areas and their development, job provision through online opportunities thus opening doors to a whole world of opportunities.  This will result in reducing the instances of local migration and internal displacement of human resources.

Business Development

Businesses are expected to see tremendous growth with the introduction of internet service providers in rural areas. As this will provide direct access to potential opportunities. Connectivity will improve and most small businesses will be capable of reaching prospective customers directly. Pre-existing businesses will see a boost by learning the latest trends and techniques while budding ventures will see better possibilities.

Regional Development

New technology opens avenues to knowledge and better access to information. Thus making the society a group of conscious people more capable of voicing their rights and responsibilities. This positively impacts social sectors like education, transportation, banking and other economic sectors as the services and accessibility to them improves. 

With the introduction of the latest technology and broadband internet, this process can expedite significantly. Thus improving the quality of life in that region and developing it as a whole. 

Hike in Literacy Rate

Easy access to broadband internet will lead to a significant hike in the literacy rate of that region owing to easy access to knowledge and availability of distance learning programs. 

When resources are readily available and merely a click away, nothing can stop rural areas from developing and coming at par with the urban counterparts. 

Assistance in agricultural matters 

An efficient internet service like Cox internet can offer instant and timely agricultural assistance to the farmers and educate them about the latest trends and developments in agriculture technology. They will be better equipped with ways by which they can improve their per acre yield. The farmers will be better aware of ways to conduct business directly with the consumers without the need of relying on exploitative practices of intermediaries in the entire process from Harvest to Sale. 

Better Healthcare Opportunities

Lack of healthcare options has been a long-time issue in rural areas ending up in a loss of innocent lives. Access to high-speed internet can bring virtual emergency assistance, to begin with. Rural clinics can instantly connect with urban health centers with medical specialists there to guide you in a life-threatening situation. Patients will also be able to have access to medical records and chat with medical practitioners without having to take a long drive to the nearest city. Introducing broadband internet can be an easier yet effective solution to half of the rural healthcare woes. 

Rick Boucher, a former congressman once said: 

“Today, high-speed Internet is the backbone for 21st-century economic growth in the digital economy. Unnecessary price regulation in competitive broadband markets will have far-reaching negative impacts on U.S. economic growth and development. Without ample investment in modern networks, consumers and the entire broadband ecosystem – from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to edge providers – will suffer from reduced innovation and fewer cutting edge broadband services, as well as reduced jobs and economic growth in the nation’s Internet economy.”

What do you think access to broadband internet can possibly affect a community? Leave a comment underneath. I’d love to hold a discussion. 

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