Rookie Workout Rules Not to Forget

With time we learn the basic do’s and don’ts of workout and until then we make mistakes. Learning about rookie mistakes and how to avoid them will help you in the long run. These mistakes cause frustration and disrupted progress which could lead to low motivational levels and quitting the gym. 

Keep on reading to know what you have to avoid and how to avoid it. So, the next time you prepare your workout bag and wear joggers off your way to the gym you would know what to do.  

Don’t work out without a plan

Before starting the development and working towards your goals developed a plan. Tailored diet and workout depending on the goals are called a good plan. You should talk to your trainer for it, get one if you haven’t already. A pediatrician can also help you customize the diet plan. Once this is done follow the plan strictly.

Lift what you can 

Health is not about lifting heavier. This goes for everyone. Forget the ego and start where you should. Again, a trainer could have come in real handy in such a situation. Anyways, start from lighter weights on which you feel comfortable. Gradually increase the weights with small increments. Lifting heavy means putting yourself at injury risk. 

Get proper rest and recovery period

Rest and recovery do not make you sloppy and let gains slip away. These are all myths that you need to forget and ignore. For good gains proper rest and recovery periods are important. Meaning, you should be having at least one day off. Usually, it is for two days but you can go up to 4 depending on the goals and your routine. 

A day off does not mean you are off to a run or other cardio workout. For once let your workout clothes take a rest. Check out men’s workout sweats and hoodies if you are interested. Secondly, 6 to 8 hours of good sleep is also important and required. 

Not drinking enough water

Water is life, without it, your body will become dry like a desert. Lower, strength, stamina, bad joints, muscle aches, and pain are a few symptoms you are not drinking enough water. One simple way is to note your pee color. Brighter the color more water you need, but if you have to go pee more often you are drinking more. 

Sports drinks and soda cannot replace water. They also contain excess sugar which is bad and should be avoided. 

Don’t think supplements are everything 

There is a common misconception among rookies that supplements are everything. Once you take them everything is fast and you don’t even have to eat. Supplements and protein intake won’t do you any good if your diet is not good. Because they might contain protein and vitamins but the body still needs lots of other nutrients which food has. Before taking any supplement consult your doctor and trainer both and make sure to keep a healthy diet with it. 

Don’t ignore Warm-up and Cool-downs

Warm-up and cool-downs are very important and jogging for a few minutes is not all. Dynamic stretches with activation exercises are for warm-ups while static stretches and imitating movements you just did is for cooldowns. They help transition the body smoothly from the rest phase to workout and back to rest or normal. Which prevents problems like blood pooling, muscle stiffness, etc.  

Don’t ignore your legs

This is one of the most common problems with people trying to gain mass. They often forget or ignore to train legs. Running, soccer or cycling are good but they don’t build the strength, mass, and endurance like weight training does. 

Missing workouts

It is okay to skip a workout day sometimes or if your routine is hectic. But doing it often or on selective days can be a problem. For instance, if you regularly skip leg day your legs will become weak and eventually couldn’t handle the weight on it. Or making it a habit brings you closer to quitting. 

If the routine is too hectic cut workout periods short. Go to the gym twice a week instead of skipping. Try HIIT it just needs less than 10 minutes.

Overtraining is real and it affects results. Give the body time to heal and recover. Note for any signs and unusual things. If any pain persists go to a doctor.

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