Scrub Ideas for Pediatric Nurses

Do you work with kids on a daily basis? Do you want them to feel comfortable with you and allow you to do your job without putting up a fuss? Consider the way you dress carefully. Children can easily be carried away by what your wearing and fall in love with you simply from your scrubs.

Choosing scrubs with Disney characters can be a great way to attract kids. They will feel at ease when they see their favorite Disney character on your scrub shirt. They make scrub tops and coordinating scrub hats with all the kid’s favorite characters and movies like Star Wars, Frozen, Micky Mouse, Donald the Duck, and Batman. Your scrubs can become a great conversation piece starter as well. They can also serve as a big distracter when you point to different parts of the characters on your top. Kids get very attached to their favorite characters. Even if you are wearing a character that they are not specifically into, ask them for their most beloved one. They will glow when you show interest in their best character.

Print scrub tops are also great! Besides that printed tops are very slenderizing, they are inviting and exciting. They give you a friendly look and not that look of a strict scary nurse who gives shots. There was once a male dentist who said he only wears Men’s printed scrub tops. He claims that it works like magic when he puts on a friendly smile and askes his patients to comment and name his printed shirt. He almost always gets a smile or laughs out of the child. 

If your work or hospital does not allow you to wear printed scrubs, then try to go with bright colors. Bright teal, green, turquoise, pink, yellow, or red are just a few colors that are a must in your wardrobe. Studies show that children are attracted to bright colors as opposed to pastel or darker colors. They will be more at ease if you’re in acute color scrub. 

Some pediatric nurses are just stuck wearing black, blue, gray or another dark color due to their uniform requirements. If this is you, then consider going crazy with accessories. Let that be the attraction on your uniform. The options are endless when it comes to this. Try wearing a bright cute scrunchy in your hair, or some adorable Micky mouse eared headband.  Get the newest cool light-up sole sneakers, so every time you take a step, not only your feet will light up, but your patient will light up as well. Uniform scrub stores carry some adorable Disney character ID, badge holders. Colorful and bright compression socks are another wonderful way to sneak some character into your uniform.

So, consider going on a shopping spree on your next off day to revamp your wardrobe. Your patients will light up when they see how cute and funky you look that hopefully their aches and pains will all disappear. Watch how these simple distractions and conversations pieces help you get your job done. But don’t forget having a stash of cool character stickers and band-aids to reward them with!

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