Sergey Tokarev About Roosh: “We Aim at Going Beyond the Everyday Routine”

Roosh is the brainchild of Sergey Tokarev, who is an investor in Reface. Roosh’s partners include IT specialist Sergey Kartashov, Kiril Ukho, Eugene Kozytsyski, and founder of Reface, Den Dmitrenko. Lately, Roosh became a new addition to Ukraine’s IT industry due to its interests in projects focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

For a while, there were general speculations on the formation of a new company. It wasn’t until July that they became fact with the announcements by Sergey Tokarev and his company on their respective social media pages.

On his personal Facebook account, Tokarev wrote that he and his company had outlined the primary objective for the year to reshape the entirety of their activities, organize the business and unveil culminated projects since the previous year to be compiled in one company. He stated that Roosh has decided on this approach even though others are doing it differently. He wrote that Roosh intends to stand out from the rest of similar companies. This is the best way to invest in and create revolutionary products, he added.

 Emphasis was placed on Roosh’s plans to create unique technological trends, especially in the Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) niche.

Presently, these areas are gaining more prominence in the information technology industry and its affiliates. Stanford University reported that ML and AI are firmly two of the most recognized courses last year. The courses experienced a massive surge of 60% in non-public funding/investments, despite the pandemic.

Not with standing Roosh’s recent entry into IT, it has already finalized a few projects. Notable among them is Reface, which took just over a year to reach the 100 million downloads hallmark, attain investments from millions and the top spot in the App Store, displacing hot apps such as Zoom and TikTok in the process. Reface permits users to swap faces in GIFs and videos. Roosh stated that the objective is to let users watch a series, seeing themselves as the lead act, a work of genius that drew the admiration of Elon Musk.

Another prominent project is Pawa, which uses Machine Learning to create projects. Sergey Tokarev said that Pawa would bring to reality the transition of ML concepts to the birth of an entire organization. Roosh plans to develop the biggest startup engine in Europe, targeting ML and AI-powered projects with interests in finance, gaming, healthcare, and media.

Then, there’s ZibraAI. Its specialty is 3D rendition and creation of 3D objects utilizing neural networks. Its primary objective is to make the game visuals identical to that of a real-life scenario.

Another project is Roosh Ventures, a capital fund aimed at empowering startups to accelerate their growth. They invest in the best startup projects in their early stages, especially in Europe and the U.S.

One more prominent investment is the Oura project. It is a ring-tracking app designed to regulate metrics such as breathing frequency, sleep patterns, heartbeats, temperature, kinetics, and a lot more.

Sergey Tokarev expressed conviction that the future of technology rests on ML and AI, saying that they are increasingly incorporated into our daily lifestyles, from realistic-looking video games to text translation and editing software.

However, Tokarev states that the company’s primary aim is to bring quality and innovation to the information technology industry in Ukraine, noting that ML experts in Ukraine are more sought-after now. This explains why they migrate abroad or work remotely. Roosh hopes the quality and innovation brought on by their projects will trigger an improvement to the situation and keep these very valuable human resources in Ukraine. 

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