Virtual gaming is one of the most popular sources of gaming, which provides the player with a three-dimensional experience. The player can interact with the environment in which he is playing the game. These online games bring people from around the world to a single platform. A couple of years ago, no one could have imagined that virtual realities would fit so well with people, but now, there is no limit to options that ingenious individuals are exploring. The objective is simple, to take these gaming experiences to unprecedented heights and let the world be a witness to it. It sure sounds like a challenge, but judging from it, the gaming community always has to be on their toes so that they don’t miss out on any updates.

It all started with minimum graphics and simple concepts until people began experimenting with it. The ideas evolved as technology started advancing and unfolding new possibilities for people. Soon, it became a trend to try integrating the latest concepts into virtual games and focus on improving every area of it to enhance gaming experiences. Game developers worked tirelessly to intensify the graphics and sounds of these games to provide a life-like result to gamers. Gaming production houses started investing and entertaining the idea of plots and descript storylines as it intrigued the gaming community even more. Hence, no stone was left unturned to transport the gamers and make them feel like the protagonist.

The missing piece to this equation of maximizing the gaming experience was the equipment to facilitate these games. It wasn’t hard and far to figure out that the only thing left to revolutionize the world of gaming was to introduce gadgets and accessories that would leave the gamers in awe. As a result, the past decade witnessed an exceptional rise in high-tech gaming devices that were difficult to anticipate. The consoles aside, gaming screens, controllers, and lot more were upgraded to take the concept of virtual games to another level. The enthusiasts of the gaming world responded with vigor, and these gadgets went from being accessories to essentials. According to this, if you call yourself a gamer don’t have this stuff, you fail to qualify as one.

 So here are the top seven  must-have gaming gadgets and accessories for 2020:


The magnification of gaming experiences is strongly dependent on the quality of sound. Gamers need to be completely isolated from the outside world to amplify their adventure. That’s now possible, thanks to the latest advancement in technology that has created the most cutting-edge pair of headsets. These gaming headsets not only provide noise cancellation feature but also offers premium sound quality which every gamer needs.

2. 4K Resolution Screens

After audio, you need to make sure that your equipment is competent enough to handle the video out of your games. Since these games are designed based on the best visual results, not every regular screen can produce them to enhance your gaming. Sony’s 4K resolution screens are top of the line to offer what the game developers want you to experience.

3. Powerful Internet Router

An insanely fast internet connection is required to provide superior online gaming experiences. Unfortunately, upgrading your subscription packages won’t suffice to get you that. You need an internet router that can handle that speed and don’t fall short from your expectations.  Investing in a 5GHz NetGear router is a good option that will help you achieve this.

4. Graphic Cards

All systems can’t handle the load of 4k HD graphics, so you need to invest in a graphic card that can replicate this experience. NVIDIA GTX1080 is currently the best option that you can choose to integrate into your system. It offers 4K ultra level at 60FPS for premium gaming. However, if you have the budget to top this, go for GTX1080Ti instead for unparalleled results.

5. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

For PC gamers, a sleek and smooth set of keyboard and mouse is a necessity. The quality and control of your equipment often make the difference between the winning and losing sides, which is why you need to go after the most reliable equipment that the market is offering. The HyperX gaming keyboard and Razer DeathAdder elite mouse are good options to start exploring what suits you best.

6. USB Microphones

Online gaming is all about teamwork, and you can’t expect to promote that without any communication. Most headsets come with an attached microphone to fulfill this need, but they generally aren’t the best piece of hardware to include in your setup. What you need for the best result is an extraordinary USB microphone that allows mobility and functionality at its finest. Try a Yeti USB microphone to see the visible difference.

7. Wireless Controllers

Not only console gaming feels astounding when you have a controller in your hands to crunch. People more comfortable with wireless controllers can now use them with their PC games to get the same results. Try getting a PS4 or XBOX controller to hook up with your PC if you don’t already have one. Applications can help you connect them smoothly to the system and run your favorite games like a boss.


These were the top seven gadgets and accessories that you need to have in your gaming setup to magnify the results. The game developers want you to experience their vision and efforts, and that is only possible when you are using the right set of equipment. Besides, these latest gadgets are more convenient and efficient to use when compared with old school gaming gears. So an upgrade might aid not just your experience, but it will also enhance your gaming performance if you choose to invest in it.

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