Shaping Your Smile With Juvederm

Everyone has a little bit of insecurities about their bodies. OK, maybe not everyone, but many people certainly do. There’s nothing to be ashamed of; this is just how we are as people. Not everyone has spotless self-confidence. Some people certainly do. They don’t care how they look. They feel perfect the way they are. Which is a great feeling. It’s important to love yourself a little bit, exactly the way you are.

But the beauty industry works to provide those of us not fortunate enough with this sense of self-confidence with a little comforting ease. And Juvederm NYC clinics’ favorite line of dermal fillers, certainly is one of these tools. It’s the combination of versatility, efficiency, and safety that make this dermal filler a titan of the industry and why so many clinics are picking it up as a staple treatment in their lineup.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people know much about Juvederm, or at least, not enough of them do. So hopefully, we can learn an important thing or two about Juvederm and see how it can benefit our lives.

Giving a Big Smile

One of Juvederm’s main specialities is, as the phrase “dermal filler” implies, to fill up certain areas of the phase to make them look more vibrant and young. For example: the lips.

Some of us are born with naturally bigger lips, some of us aren’t. And while not many people find it disheartening to have thinner lips, there are still those who do. Juvederm offers a lot of help in this area. 

With a few well placed injections, doctors are able to give their clients a fuller set of lips, which not only look great, but are also very natural. The procedure is short, easy and safe, lasting anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes depending on how many injections will be needed. Regardless, this is still a very short amount of time considering the immense effects that the treatment has.

Countless clients across the globe report fuller, more supple lips, which come with only a few days of downtime and barely any other side effects or inconveniences. Which is why Juvederm is one of the leading dermal fillers on the market. Within the Juvederm line up, the Juvederm Ultra XC is the one primarily used to bring more puffiness to the lips and has been working wonders for many years.

But contrary to popular knowledge, smiles don’t just start from the lips. They take place all over the face.

All the Volume in the World

And Juvederm handles other parts of the face as well. If you don’t know what the term “volume” means, a very simple explanation is how tight the skin of your face is. As we get older, our skin naturally begins to loosen and sag, which is perfectly normal and beautiful in its own right.

But with this sagging skin, our faces lose certain contours which give them their interesting angles and shapes, such as the cheekbones or jawline. It’s a real downer for many people to look in the mirror and see that their once perfectly chiseled chin or cheeks have slowly lost their shape. 

With the Juvederm dermal filler injection, you can bring back all those beautiful angles and contours of the face, which in turn makes the face look considerably younger. When injected into certain areas, the dermal filler lifts areas of the skin where it is saggy and pulls the skin tighter with it. This brings back those angles; the cheekbones, the jawline, the chin, returning contour to the face and making it look considerably younger and more vibrant.

And Juvederm is a great dermal filler for volume restoration. Many clinics highly recommend going for Juvederm if their clients feel that they need to restore their volume and bring back all those interesting features of their face that were lost in time.

Convenient and Simple

And by far one of the biggest reasons that Juvederm puts smiles on many people’s faces is just how simple and convenient it is. It’s convenient as it’s available in pretty much any professional clinic out there, especially in NYC. It’s also important to note that many of these clinics offer some great treatment plans which reasonably fit within their clients’ budgets. 

An easy example is Skinly Aesthetics, which has been offering a highly professional treatment under the banner of Juvederm NYC, with modern, top-of-the-line equipment utilized by seasoned veterans of the industry. And all this for a very reasonable price for both loyal and new clients alike.

And as far as simplicity goes; Juvederm has a monopoly on that too. Let’s put aside the fact that Juvederm is one of the safest treatments in the entire industry, having been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) a very long time ago. Juvederm has barely any downtime, with side effects lasting anywhere from 5 to 7 days. This is a very short time considering how quickly you can see the results.

What’s even more crazy is the fact that the side effects are very minor and barely cause any kind of discomfort. These include a little redness and dryness of the treated areas, as well as possible a little itchiness. But these can be easily taken care of with household hygiene products and have reportedly barely caused any serious discomfort to clients.

So, with all this in mind, it’s safe to say that Juvederm does put a smile on many people’s faces and will continue to do so as time goes on and technology improves. Who knows what the future holds for Juvederm. But I think we can all rest easy knowing that something like it exists and is so readily available. 

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