Signs You Need a Washing Machine Repair

Appliance repair

Washing machine plays a significant role in every home and makes life convenient and easy. The best feature of a washing machine is that it saves time washing clothes and helps homemakers to concentrate on other chores. Washing is done mostly every day and similar to other appliances, washing machines are also subjected to wear and tear. When there are signs of problems, then the user must decide to go for a washing machine repair. Let’s discuss signs you need a washing machine repair.

Signs that need a washing machine repair

1. Water not filling the drum

There are ample reasons for water not filling the drum. It could be water outlets not turned on, cycle selection can be delayed, hose twist, etc. The water intake valve may have issues or it can also be due to a clogged filter. These are a few main reasons for water not filling the drum. Users can navigate and monitor for these issues. If the mentioned issues are not the reason, then seeking the help of a professional for washing machine repair is required.

2. Noise during washing 

At times when the washer may leave balance, then there would be loud noise during washing clothes. This could be due to the loosening of motor mount or drum. In such cases seeking the help of professionals is important.

3. Water stays in the drum 

There shouldn’t be any water in the drum as the laundry is complete. Users can monitor the hose drain for any clogs. Also, the clothes can be checked if they block the pump by tangling. If these are not the cases then, it should be decided for an appliance repair.

4. Drum not turning 

There are cases where the drum doesn’t turn, in such cases, the lid and belts can be checked. The lid switch and belt need to be replaced. In such cases, professional services help is required.

5. Leaking 

When there are issues with the washer, water leakage is found all over the place. A loose connection or overflowing tubs are key reasons for water overflow. There a number of reasons for overflow, it can be due to cracked tub in the washer, damaged or cracked hose. In such cases, a washing machine repair is required.

6. Drum not spinning at the end of the cycle

The end cycle spins in a washing machine is important as they spin the clothes to a wet condition but not drenched. In certain cases when the final spin doesn’t work the clothes would be heavy and drenched in water. This makes drying difficult. A pressure fault is a key reason for this issue. The pressure system can have a blockage or fault, or the motor can be worn with a carbon brushed being worn. In such situations, the washing machine needs repair.

7. Movement 

As washing, rinsing and cleaning operation takes place, the washer should remain stable. If the washer moves or sways from one side to the other then it needs to be concentrated. Excess movement can be stopped by checking if the feet levels are fixed appropriately. A moving washer leads to many issues such as water slouching outside the unit, pulling out from connection, etc. Hence for moving washer issues, washing machine repair is required.

8. Bad odour 

Bad odours in the washer are to be considered as a serious issue and seek the help of professionals to get it done right. When the washer does not make a proper self-clean, then bad odours are developed. If not observed and rectified, they may develop mildew, mould and also damage the laundry.

9. Dispensers don’t work

Washing machines with automatic detergent dispensers face a common issue of detergents not being dispersed. The reason would be the dispensers aren’t cleaned as clogs and residues can clog the dispenser. The second main reason can be the incorrect use of detergent products. If the washer is meant for liquid detergents then the same is to be used. When powder detergents are used in place of liquid detergents the dispensers can get clogged. In such cases seeking the help of professionals can solve it in a perfect way.

10. Washer doesn’t on

Many a time the washer would not turn on, this can be due to power issues, lid switch, motor, or timer knob. The electrical connections are checked in this case. If there aren’t issues in the electrical board, then the issue present in the washer is detected. This is made perfectly right by calling washing machine repair professionals.


With these symptoms, the user can opt for appliance repair. To make sure the washing machine run perfectly, it is important to seek the help of professional washing machine services. They are trained professionals and have years of experience in repairing a washing machine. Being the most important appliance in-home, washing machines need to be maintained and used in an appropriate way.

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