Skin Care Rules for The Workout and Sports Enthusiasts

We all know that workout is beneficial for our health but what about our skin. Well, the short answer is it is yes, but if you take care of it. Otherwise, it can give the opposite results. Plus, sweaty equipment is gross and can cause health issues. On top of that, some people touch their faces often. Spreading germs on their own body. According to research on average one touches their face about 2,000 to 3,000 times a day. 

Stress reduction is one of the ways to keep the skin healthy and from aging quickly. Exercise seems to do that pretty well. Many other factors and habits could be damaging your skin health. So, get on your workout shirts and bottoms and follow these rules for healthier skin. 

Skip the makeup

Heading out for a workout or some sports? Go without makeup. It might be hard for you if you go to the gym to impress people and don’t care about your skin. But it is for the best. Because the pores sweat, they need space to push sweat out. As they open up to make up might settle back into them.

You might have heard that water-based or breathable makeup is fine, but there is no scientific proof. Thus, it is just better if you avoid making of any kind. It cannot live without putting something on your skin. Go for a mild moisturizer and apply as little as possible. 

What, you cannot go without makeup? If there is no other option then non-comedogenic lobed makeup, i.e. non-clogging, is a better option. But make sure to clean your face properly before applying and wash it off ASAP post-workout. This is to keep all the bacteria and germs off the skin. 

Skin Care Rules for The Workout and Sports Enthusiasts

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Is it an outdoor workout day today, or are you going for an outdoor sport? Then don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Make sure it is at least 30 and at max 60 SPF, because anything less or more than that is not as effective. This is very important for runners because the wind blowing on your face can make you feel like it’s not hot but UV rays will be burning your skin. 

Quick absorbing or water-based sunscreens are better if you are going to sweat a lot. Read the labels carefully and see if it is sweatproof or resistant and for how many minutes. You can play or test different products to see what is best suited for your skin. 

If you are going to be wearing properly covering clothes then you can skip. Otherwise, if you are going to wear tank tops and shorts then sunscreen is a must. Make sure to apply it on uncovered body parts like neck (front and back), ears, back of the hands and others that are not covered properly. 

Gym towels

Gym towels are used to take the dripping sweat off your body. Meaning it contains a lot of bacteria. Thicker and fluffier the towel harder it is to clean it from bacteria and germs. Somewhere between too thick and thin is where you would want to land. 

Although, gyms have freshly cleaned towels carrying your own is always better. You can be allergic to the detergent they use etc. but you can ask how often the towels are washed and what detergent is used etc. 

If you are carrying your own then make sure to wash it after every use. Using your towel more than once without cleaning is as bad as using someone else’s used towel. Towel and workout clothes with anti-antimicrobial properties are also an option. But that doesn’t mean multi-use without a wash. Either carrying your towel or not, don’t put it on the seat, any machines or weights. 

Keep your hair off your face

Be sure to keep your hair off the face, and the best way is to keep them pulled back. headbands, sweatbands, or workout caps can help you do that. But make sure to wash those too after your workout session every time. For further insight head to the previous point. 

Keeping the hair off your face prevents irritation, distraction, and any hair products or oils from clogging the pores. It is better if you don’t use any before the gym or rinse it off beforehand. Because your head sweats too and those products can clog the pores. 

Skin Care Rules for The Workout and Sports Enthusiasts

Don’t touch your face

Going from machine to machine, dumbbells to the barbell, etc. your hands carry the germs and sweat. Not just yours but other people’s too. This should be enough for you to not touch your face until you take a bath. If its itching or sweaty that is what armbands and gym towel are for. 

Pack some toner pads in your gym bag.

Another way to get rid of excess dirt and oil is with toning pads ― cotton rounds that come pre-soaked with the product ― that contain active ingredients like salicylic acid or glycolic acid, according to Dr. Rita Linkner, a New York-based dermatologist at Spring Street Dermatology.

Linker said salicylic acid pads are particularly helpful for anyone with oily skin because salicylic acid does a great job of restraining oil productivity. But both salicylic and glycolic acids, she said, “are great chemical peeling agents that will help take off that layer of sweat along with any residual makeup after you exercise.”

These toning pads are also great for wiping down the front and back of the neck and chest (for ladies, don’t forget in between the breasts, which can get extra sweaty).

“Anywhere you have the sebaceous oil glands, which is chest, back, back of the neck, face, are the key areas you want to make sure you’re wiping down properly,” Linkner said.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have super sensitive skin, it’s always safest to ask a dermatologist whether chemical exfoliants are right for you.

Post-workout shower 

The post-workout shower is important to sweep the body of germs, sweat and bacteria it might be carrying. Workout clothes are better as they help let the sweat evaporate rather than capturing them. Use mild soap or body wash so that it is not too harsh for the skin. If your skin is dry put on light moisturizer on afterward.

If any problem persists see your doctor and dermatologist. Take care of your skin to keep it healthy and pretty. 

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