Skincare Trends in 2019 that Will Still Work in 2020

In 2019 a lot of skincare trends came out, and people were in for a feast of new brands coming out as celebrities also launched different types of products for your skincare regimen. If you weren’t a part of those that immediately jumped on the wagon, it’s not too late to do so this year.

Read on to find out which skincare trends will still work for you in 2020:

1. Skip-Care

It is not a secret that Korean Skincare products are highly one of the most sought-after throughout the world. Nevertheless, this 2020, beauty companies introduced the public to a new famous skincare step, which is called the skip-care routine. It encourages you to cut down on some products that aren’t that essential for you. 

Companies like Aritaum have introduced products that multitask as they solve different concerns for your skin. You can buy them here.

2. Personalized Skincare

In the past, people usually follow the advice of elders, parents, older relatives, or friends when doing their skincare routine. Void of all knowledge regarding product ingredients and how they behave with your skin type, there were problems with this kind of impersonal skincare approach. This trend was also because one-size-fits-all products were the norm decades ago.

Personalized skincare is one of the best things that happened in 2019, and rest assured it’s still going to be useful for you this 2020. Customized skincare is a wide variety of products that almost has it all to help you with different problems for your skin. As more information about the skincare comes to light, it pays to know what your skin needs.

3. Body Skincare

Most of the time, people forget to take care of their bodies and only aim to make their faces more radiant. Some of your products aren’t only effective for your face, but they are also useful for other parts like your armpits.

In 2019, companies introduced methods to make sure that people make the most of their skincare items. If you have any expired exfoliators that you can’t use on your face anymore, you can use them as a once-a-week lightener for your pits, groin, elbows, and knees.

4. Chemical Exfoliants

In the past, people relied on exfoliators to take away the hidden dirt and dead skin cells. But later on, found out that it could be harmful and cause micro-tearing in your face since it is sensitive. Last year people discovered the power of chemical exfoliants such as AHA. These products carefully take away the dirt from your pores and help you achieve that smooth skin. AHA is still 2020 must-have.

5. Plant-Based Ingredients

In the past, people applied anti-acne retinol-based ingredients on their faces until they realized that these products had harsh effects on their skin. Just in 2019, people discovered that more natural vegan products could be an alternative for retinol.

If you have sensitive skin, vegan skincare products are perfect for you. They don’t use harsh chemicals, and they try to use the most natural exfoliants and benefits found in nature.

6. One-size-fits-all Sheet Masks

Printed skincare products are a thing. Most of the time, you get frustrated because when you use a sheet mask for your face, you realize it doesn’t fit. Companies have created sheets that suit your face perfectly well as well as taking care of that part of your face’s concern.  

7. Microneedles Patches

You might get monthly breakouts, and acne stickers may not always work. These microneedles work very fast as the patches quickly dry down and heal the pimples right away. It is an easy and effective delivery system. They are also known as microstructures, though they say that this 2020 this product is going to be more advanced than it was in 2019. 

Final Thoughts

South Korean beauty manufacturers are always investing in research and development to get the best products out continuously. Throughout the decade, brands are on to make more advanced skincare. Since they aren’t only out for the business but they also aim to target your needs and concerns for your skin.

Whatever you were using in 2019, they are still relevant in 2020. You won’t have to throw any of your skincare products from 2019 unless they’re past the 12-month or 24-month period, don’t forget to check the label. 

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