Smart Tips for Parents to Get Their Children to Read

Some kids take to reading as if they were born to it but again many are very reluctant and unwilling to take up the challenge of making sense out of words and pictures. However, as is well established, in the real world, you just cannot get by without reading, comprehending, and communicating effectively so kids must develop a love for reading at an early age. Apart from the practical aspect, it is also very well known that reading for pleasure not only enables children to have a better hold over their language, spelling, and vocabulary but also in logical thinking and math. Some tips for parents to encourage children to read of their own volition:

Make Reading Stories a Part of the Daily Routine 

To ensure that your child grows up to love reading, it is necessary to get him started early. You can start with reading one story per day and when he starts to look forward to it, you should gradually increase it to several stories. The more exposure the child has to literature, the more he will become at ease with and stop fighting it. With the daily stories introducing him to new information and awareness regarding phonemics, he is likely to become more enthusiastic about reading. 

Develop Oral Language Skills 

Depending on the age of the child and his language skill level, parents can either give the child a story to read by himself or simply tell him a story. After the story is finished, the parent should ask the child to point out the portions that interested him the most. This ritual encourages him to discuss the story, pick out words that he finds interesting, and he is more interested in proceeding to the next page to see a story conclude. A tinkle subscription may just be the thing that spurs your young one to read more.

Let There Be Abundant Reading Material around the Child 

When a child is faced with a large choice, he is motivated to read more and, in the process, develop a superior intellect that is often revealed in better scores achieved in standardized tests. According to, interest in reading can be stimulated by simply having lots of reading material available all over the house.

Encourage the Child to Participate in Various Reading Activities

Instead of restricting reading to just books, parents should encourage them to read whatever they can lay their hands on so that it becomes more fun and interesting. Introduce them to a variety of reading activities like movie names on posters, roadside signs, weather reports, restaurant menus, game guides, etc. Do not restrict their reading to just paper, introduce them to reading apps and e-readers to make it more fun and also make it more comfortable for young readers who need larger fonts or more spacing between the lines.


Showing interest and enthusiasm in reading can be extremely infectious and will encourage your children to read more and have fun. The example that you set s a parent is extremely important as young children will always try to imitate you and will fall in love with reading themselves.