Snoop Report: The Activity Tracking Application Especially Curated For Instagram Users

Instagram is one of the most, if not the most, popular and widely used social media platforms present on the internet. No matter if it’s the stories feature, creating posts, the DM (direct message) option, video calling people in groups, filming IGTV videos, or just sharing miscellaneous photos and videos—Instagram has the possibility for it all. It is perhaps the only social media platform that has compiled every popular feature of every other social app out there. Therefore, it has become the prime online place for people to connect and socialize virtually. 

Why Should You Utilize These IG Tracking Apps?

Since this social media platform has an estimated amount of 1.074 billion users, there are probably way too many people on your activity feed. If you’re following a lot of people, it can be hard to keep up with the few close people you really want to keep tabs on. This is why using activity tracking apps to keep up with the activity of your IG’s followers/following has become a necessity. 

Can These Apps Be Trusted?

Since you need to put your personal account info into the IG activity tracking applications, a lot of people worry for their privacy. This is totally a sensible reaction because many of these apps have been scams and data-stealing apps in the past, which is why you need to be cautious. Snoop report, however, doesn’t ask for any sensitive information and you don’t even need to log into your account through it to use it. It’s the most dependable and trustworthy activity tracking app out there. 

What Services Does This App Offer?

The services that this application provides can be divided into two categories: 

Personal Use:

Everyone is well-aware of how hard it has been to keep up your individuals you follow on IG ever since the app removed its “friends activity” tab that allowed you to see what posts the other person had been liking. Well, you need not fret over that anymore because this app does precisely that for you! Whether it’s your friend, acquaintance, significant other, family, favorite celebrity/public figure, or your child, you’ll have their Instagram activity at your fingertips. You’ll never have to worry about how to see what someone likes on Instagram ever again. You can even get activity reports for up to 12 weeks in the past. This app also lets you know which one of your followers has unfollowed you, so that you can unfollow them if you want as well. 

Appeal For The Masses:

Fortunately, this app isn’t just for personal use but can be utilized professionally as well. If you’re an aspiring social media influencer, then the activity tracking app can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. Its tools and invaluable insight can assist you in knowing your IG’s existing demographic so that you can work towards curating your content for them. This will significantly boost up your engagement and will eventually help you beat IG’s infamous algorithm as well. You can also figure out what time your followers are most active and then arrange your posting schedule according to that. 

Why Is This App Preferred Over The Rest?

One reason it’s an attractive option is because of the aforementioned safety and security promised by it. You can feel at ease logging into your personal accounts through it because it vouches not to sell your data to any third-party apps that others might. It’s a completely ethical way to keep track of your IG activity. There are many scamming apps that take your information and money, while never giving you the information you need. However, Snoop Report isn’t one of them and has around 26,000+ satisfied users to back that fact. Although, one of the biggest reasons IG users tend to gravitate towards this app is because it can even provide you with in-depth retrospective activity reports upon request. All of your required data is presented through an easy-to-understand dashboard, and you won’t have to bend your back trying to interpret it. 

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