Snoring Solutions – How to remedy your snoring for a better night’s rest

Have you been experiencing persistent snoring? The problem is more common than you may think. According to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects over 100 million people in the country. Unlike insomnia, which mainly affects you, snoring will have an effect on everyone in your family. It could cause a lack of sleep for your family members, which could have some health effects over time.

Why do you snore?

So, why do you do it? Snoring occurs when the mouth and nose experience restricted airflow during a sleep cycle. Air will be more likely to be trapped in your nasal and esophageal passages, which will increase the frequency of vibration in these regions. This will translate into sound, produced as snoring as you sleep. Snoring may be also be caused by certain conditions, such as allergies and sleep apnea, but it could also be triggered by alcohol and other stimulants. 

There are different types of snores, depending on the tissue responsible for the blockage of air. Mouth snorers will breathe through their mouth during sleep, causing vibration in the soft palate tissues. Tongue snorers may experience snoring when their tongue is very relaxed. Nasal snorers often experience snoring due to a deviated septum or blocked nasal passages.

How can you remedy your snoring problem?

Snoring could have long term consequences on both yours and your family’s health. You can keep your loved ones safe by trying out different remedies to help you overcome the problem. While there are many suggested remedies, we have only focused on the most practical and easy to implement to help you address the problem without a problem. Here are some of the top snoring fixes for you.

Change how you sleep

Snoring Solutions - How to remedy your snoring for a better night's rest

Your sleeping patterns and position will have a major influence on your snoring. For instance, if you sleep on your back, you will be more likely to experience snoring. This is because the relaxed tongue blocks your airflow. Addressing your snoring can be as simple as changing to sleeping on your sides. 

Sleeping at about the same time every night and meeting your recommended minimum hours will also boost your resistance to snoring. The overall improvement to your health and energy levels will help you improve your sleep hygiene, which will help curb snoring.

Look into a humidifier

Snoring Solutions - How to remedy your snoring for a better night's rest

A humidifier could reduce instances of snoring for some people. It works to keep the air moist and comfortably breathable. Dry air will be harder to breathe and may increase the likelihood of tissue vibration. If you are interested in warm air, you could look into a vaporizer instead.

You should stay hydrated throughout your day to keep your tissue membranes moisturized. This will reduce their likelihood of vibration, which in turn remedies your snoring. Just remember to go before bed to avoid interrupting your sleep.

Steer clear of alcohol and sleeping pills

Stimulants will affect the quality of your sleep, as well as the behavior of your body. Alcohol and sleeping pills will make you more relaxed, which could impact your snoring. You should generally avoid sleeping pills and alcohol for about two hours before bed. Limiting your consumption of alcohol and stimulants to periods well before your bedtime will allow you to be ready for bed in time. 

Essential Oils could help

Essential oils unlock blocked passages almost instantly. They are powerful and popular for different products and ends. They can be great for sleep too! Some essential oils offer anti-inflammatory properties, as well as value for aromatherapy purposes. As an added advantage, essential oils also work for your hair, skin and home environment.

Keep your weight down

Losing a few pounds can help you control your snoring. The problem is more common among people who weigh more than they should for their height. People who weigh more will have larger tissues around their nasal and esophageal region. The tissue is more likely to vibrate, which causes an increased risk of snoring. Staying within your recommended BMI measurement will offer a long-term remedy to snoring. Watching your weight can be hard, but a great nutritionist and diet plan will help you work through it.

Consider an adjustable bed

Tongue snorers can find a quick solution in an adjustable bed. This option allows you to sleep in a raised position, which prevents your tongue from restricting your airflow. This remedy will not always be ideal for other types of snorers. If the remedy offers no marked change to your snoring, opting for a more comfortable mattress could be ideal.

A cleaner sleeping environment

Snoring Solutions - How to remedy your snoring for a better night's rest

If your sleep environment is not clean, it could affect the quality of sleep. This will, in turn, increase your likelihood of snoring. You should always ensure that your sleeping area meets high cleanliness and comfort standards. Make sure to have a comfortable pillow, quality sheets and a top-end mattress, which you can shop through metro mattress, for an uninterrupted night. 

Using an anti-snoring device

Some oral devices can be useful for people who snore. These include nasal strips and anti-snoring pillows, both of which regulate airflow and minimize the likelihood of blocked airways. Some dental fixtures could even be used to keep your airways open, which helps to curb snoring. We recommend consulting your doctor for the best anti-snoring device for you.

Final word

Snoring can affect the quality of sleep for everyone in your household. The problem will be made worse by poor sleep hygiene, which we have covered with some of our remedies. If you sleep better, you will be less likely to snore. Alongside these solutions, you could consider cutting down on your use of devices that emit blue light close to your bedtime. Focusing on using the technology around you to enhance your sleep, such as by using sleep apps, could be one way to overcome restlessness and improve your sleep. Remember, if you maintain great sleep hygiene, you will be far less likely to snore.

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