Step-by-step Tutorial On How To Download Videos On Your Desktop From Reddit

We’ve been using the Internet for a long time, that’s why I will not be surprised if you’re already acquainted with Reddit. But for those who are still wondering what this thing is, Reddit is a platform used by many people to share and discuss a particular topic. Moreover, you are also free to include photos and videos to emphasize your thoughts.  

Aside from the things mentioned above, Reddit also has an application just like any other social media sites; using this app, the users can access all the essential topics given by different people. However, there are limitations in this platform, such as downloading videos; Reddit does not provide us with downloading features, but let’s not chain ourselves from this idea.

Let’s open our minds from numerous possibilities; restrictions are only for those individuals who settled for less. We just need to discover a few of the best downloaders to execute our plans; follow the step-by-step tutorial given below if you want to find the answer to your problem. Just go on with this article, buddy; after this, you’ll gain knowledge on how to download videos from reddit

Getting The Video URL

Before we dive into different downloaders, we need to know first how to copy and paste video links; it is an important thing we shouldn’t miss. We will provide you with two alternatives on how to do it; you can either do it through quickly copying the link itself or get it from the browser bar. 

If you badly want to copy the link directly, you can go to the thread itself where the video is placed; click the share button at the lower part of the video and then select the Copy link to obtain it. 

If you like to copy it from the browser bar, proceed to the Reddit thread, once you’re at the location of the said video, highlight the link provided in the browser’s address bar. After that, click the right portion of your mouse and then select copy. If you’re familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, you can immediately hit the Ctrl+C to have the link. 

Use A Video Downloader

From the very beginning, we already told you that retrieving videos from Reddit requires video downloaders. To make things effortless for you, we will give you some video downloaders that work best on Reddit.

If you’re trying to find great video downloaders out there, you can try using; is an Mp4 downloader that works well on Reddit. You can convert your video to Mp3, Thumbnail JPG file, or Mp4 file, but you can also combine it by selecting Mp4. 

This downloader is very simple to use; the very primary step you need to do is visit their website; once you locate it, paste the URL, and then hit the Submit button. Once you submit it, they will give you some options using vertical dots; just hit that button and then select the Download to retrieve the video. Take note that it is only the video you’re downloading; click the large red button if you want to get the video as well as the audio.

If you want to know other video downloaders, you can try RedV; don’t stress yourself because it is also handy to use just like However, remember that the browser version only permits you to download audios and videos separately and not jointly. If you want to have the audio and video altogether, you need to use the desktop app. 

Link is essential here, the moment you get the link of the video, proceed to their website or to the app. Once you’re there, you’ll notice a white bar in the center; you can paste the link there by clicking the right portion of the mouse or clicking the Ctrl+V to paste the link.

After that, hit the orange arrow when you’re done pasting it. The page where the video is will open; hit the orange Download button and select a specific folder to place the saved video. After doing that, you can now start downloading it. 


There’s essential information we badly want to acquire from the Internet; however, limited features hindered us from doing this thing. But thanks to some free tutorials given to us, we can now get the essential things we badly want to keep. Start downloading all the videos you wish using this guide, buddy. 

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