Strategy To Solve Cat Sample Papers for Better Practice

To be successful in exams like CAT and acquire a berth in such institutes, you require a well-thought study plan linking focused study, followed by adequate practice. Knowing the fundamentals of the subjects is just an ingredient of your preparation. The real application of the ideas takes place after you resolve CAT sample papers. Practicing these Sample Papers of CAT will offer you a perfect idea of where you stand in comparison with others and will provide assistance for further improvement.

Advantages of solving sample papers:

Sample papers provide you with multifarious advantages and allow you to improve your marks through a methodical approach. Sample tests of CAT allow you:

  • To enhance your performance by measuring your performance under specified time limits. Taking sample tests underneath related exam conditions will assist you to achieve the score that precisely imitates your training level.
  • Solving sample papers are like an echo; these exams inform you how you progress in respect of others. It is vital to understand where you locate in association with the contest and this is where CAT Question papers come into the scene. By offering you a proportional study with others, you can know what works for you in real exam-like situations. You can utilize this information to develop a wide-ranging strategy for the exam.
  • Sample papers help you develop an overall strategy for the exam. By understanding your fortes and flaws, the mock exams assist you to understand some essential problems in the exam. For instance, you can recognize the difficulty types you should solve first and the ones you should solve later. Such small tweaks can have a vast impact on your overall scores.
  • Sample papers study is an essential part of your preparation journey. Only taking sample papers and getting the score is not sufficient as you also need to examine your performance and find out the frail areas. Although it may look to be a tedious process, it is an essential evil as taking a test to know the score without analysis is of no utilization.

Regular practice of CAT sample papers will result in a rising score graph with a strong inspiration for steady improvement.

To ace India’s most competitive exam, management aspirants must get ready by solving CAT sample papers repeatedly. CAT 2019 sample paper will enable the applicants to know the total exam structure, marking scheme, exam pattern, and more. The questions in the CAT sample paper may not line up with the difficulty level of the examination but it will surely assist the candidates to get an overall idea of the examination. IIM Kozhikode will carry out Common Admission Test or CAT on November 24, 2019, in online mode. To assist the management candidates who are preparing to appear for CAT 2019, it is essential to get the sample papers downloaded. 

Before downloading the CAT sample paper, understanding the exam pattern is vital for the candidates. The CAT exam pattern remains almost the same every year. The number of questions in every section might change. 

Sample Papers of CAT

Candidates can prepare from the sample papers of the previous years and get suggestion about the kind of questions that are expected to be asked in the CAT exam. This will assist the candidates to get a suggestion about the potential number of questions that will be asked in the CAT exam. It will also help the candidates to know how much time they require to assign to every section. It is time to download and solve the sample paper of CAT. Mentioned below is the thorough process that you can refer to download CAT sample paper.

How to Download Sample Paper?

  • Visit any well-known website
  • Candidates need to register first
  • Login with correct credentials
  • Candidates can also log in with their Google or Facebook accounts
  • Visit the Sample Paper Store
  • Download CAT Sample Paper

How to Utilize Sample Paper?

  • After downloading the Sample Paper, candidates should answer it in a limited time-frame to know where they stand in regards to preparation.
  • Time management is the essential thing to success in CAT exam. Analyzing the performance in the sample paper of CAT is one of the most significant features while getting ready for the exam.
  • It will enable the candidates to focus on their fragile points and hone on them consequently.
  • It is essential to get the mock tests’ performance analyzed by experts or mentors as this gives the students a correct direction.

The application process of CAT 2019 will start from August 7 and will carry on until September 18. Candidates would need to register for the exam first to fill the application form of CAT 2019. IIM Kozhikode will arrange CAT 2019 in computer-based mode on 24, November.

Each section has MCQs as well as Non-MCQs. But, the maximum numbers of questions are MCQs or multiple-choice questions. The questions without options are known as non-MCQs and the candidates would have to write the answer in the space offered. According to the CAT marking system, every question is of four marks and for every inaccurate answer, one mark will be subtracted. For questions that are not attempted and non-MCQs, no negative marking system is there.

CAT 2019 comprises of three sections, namely,

  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
  • Quantitative Ability 
  • Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability.

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