Suggestions To Select The Effective Food Grade Tanker

Moving food grade from one destination to another isn’t simply by throwing cargo on the back of trucks or rail. Some products need modified specialized trailers or containers to ensure their reliability. 

A liquid tanker or tanker truck is a motor vehicle designed to carry liquefied loads, dry bulk cargo or gases across the nation through roadways. Many truck variants exist due to the variety of food bulk liquid to be transported every day. FREIGHTLINXS has three generations of experience specialized in bulk liquid food transportation and offers suited tankers truckers for your liquid freight.

Tank trucks can be large, maybe insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized and designed for single or multiple loads. Their first mission is to provide a platform for both shippers and carriers to market and monitor their freight with complete transparency. 

Tankers and its design

Tanks have common characteristics with human food regulation standards, refrigeration capabilities, acid resistance, and pressurized capabilities. The longest trailers which are similar to the railroads’ cars are specially designed for liquid bulk transportation.

Tank trucks are constructed by using aluminum, carbon, steel, stainless steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic, depends on the products being transported. At the top of the tank, there is a dome that opens during loading or unloading the liquid freight. Truckers/trailers have one compartment or divided into two-to-three compartments for hauling different commodities at once. The most common food liquid transported is milk and some other liquid transported are wine, fruit juices, and water.

FREIGHTLINXS is a licensed and bonded shipping agency and their motto is“Your freight, our top priority”. They use top technology to track your shipment at each step and also you get daily notifications of what is happening with your freight. They had more experience in dairy and food-grade transportation industry shipments with highly secure and safety of products.

In recent years, 30% of the milk and agricultural products are transported through roadways and railways by using trailers. As a freight broker and along with FREIGHTLINXS, carriers are licensed and insured to ship your products. By using their service, you can reduce the costs of liability and increase your savings.

Service provided for effective transportation

FREIGHTLINXS team is dedicated to continuing to evolve and constantly learn what clients needs. Their team understands your livelihood depends on getting your products and delivers them on time. If you are searching for effective and smooth food grade truck transportation, you have to take the following information to heart before making any decision.

Quality checks

Especially when it comes to milk products or other edible liquid products, the appearance and smell of both truckers tank and products should be checked twice before loading for transportation. No drivers drive off the trailers, which smell bad and bad quality products. FREIGHTLINXS never sends a bad shipment.

Hygiene inspections

Hygiene is one of the most important for any food product. Hygiene inspections are needed before loading and unloading any food products. Drivers must do on-site quality control checker service when food cargo is loaded and unloaded from/to shippers. Your selected freight company should change truckers’ tanks on the road immediately if any sanitization problems noticed. Drivers should inspect tanks along the way and they can stop to check these things to ensure the quality of the goods. Cleanliness of the truck is an important, food products can be turned into a hazardous one if the previous product was the non-food item.

Trained drivers

Drivers are responsible for shipping good quality food grade products. Pertinent rules and regulations train drivers. Training includes how to check hygiene, quality of the product and washing procedures of the trucks. Drivers have to be experienced and keep in touch with clients from time to time. Drivers need to contact with customers by using the freight company platform. In FREIGHTLINXS, drivers are chosen on their experience and their previous goods transportation. Drivers should satisfy their customers, by pick-up and delivery food grade products on time.

Managing the temperatures on the road

For any transportation, regular checks on the proper temperature for certain items will help to avoid foul products. Any breakdown or other problem that may develop can be detected quickly and process it immediately to keep the product quality.

Consistent transport maintenance

The mode of transportation in delivering food-grade items should be properly maintained. Breakdowns on the road or undetected damage inside a trailer can devastate the food items, ends up relegating it to the trash bin. FREIGHTLINXS has properly maintained records to show such adherence and invest money for maintaining the trucks/containers of food materials.

Avoiding cross-contamination

Food grade items cannot be transported with any other non-edible items on the same tanks. Odors of other items can damage the food items and can make it foul. The easiest way is to book single tanks that carry only food items, not compartment tanks to avoid unwanted situations. There should be a clear understanding between the food processor and food-grade transport company.

Measuring the product

Knowing the capacity of the food items you have and the vehicle that is perfect for your product should be clearly decided before the shipment. Transferring equipment and pipes that are used for loading and unloading food items should be properly maintained and upgraded to industry growth.

FREIGHTLINXS allow both shippers and carriers combined to work together on the same platform. Their purpose is simple, optimize carriers loaded miles so the shippers can benefit with more competitive freight rates. FREIGHTLINXS knows the ins and outs of food-grade trucks transportation, having strongly developed their special level of expertise over six decades.

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