Ten must-haves in your travel pouch

Excited by our trip, we began to put things in the handbag or backpack. Suddenly, at the airport, you flinch. Oh! I forgot my mobile charger or sunglasses etc. You can also buy some essential items before you move for traveling, such as online ear plugs. You should always make lists of the things that you intend to carry a few days before, and you should not forget something. 

As many people encounter such situations, we have listed the ten most essential things to carry in the travel pouch on the plane or train.

Luggage planning

Wherever you plan to travel, choose a versatile and lightweight suitcase that is large enough to hold all the essentials. It is also important to find a versatile travel pouch that fits your small items. It is also easy to carry.

1. A large scarf or fine sweater.

Do not forget this when traveling on planes, trains, etc. Cold is usually very annoying, and that can spoil you all the way or even the trip. If the weather gets chiller, you will use it. Let us have a good time. 

2. Purse or wallet

This also gets you out of trouble. It is best to calculate before leaving how much money you will spend from home to reach your destination. Be sure of the money that you are going to use in traveling. Whether you are going to use the subway, train, or plane. You should also carry some drinks and food.

A wallet is the most important thing you should have in your traveling pouch. There are hundreds of situations when you need money. You should make sure your wallet must have money on it. It is better to keep extra money – you never know when and how much you need it. Besides, a credit or debit card is also a necessary item to have in your wallet. In case some come up or you have used your money for some reason, you should have a credit card with you for some unforeseen circumstances. 

3. Mobile charger or power bank

Portable charger

There are so many brands of chargers necessary for travel. A mini portable charger is recommended in this scenario. It is less than 10 cm long, and the power storage is enough. It has a 2500mAh and can be used in an emergency. There are also various types of travel chargers. Commonly available portable chargers are inexpensive mini travel chargers, ordinary desktop card-type chargers, and high-end desktop chargers with LCDs. Most of the traveling chargers are fast. In case of any emergency, you should have a portable charger or power bank with you. 

Power bank

It is so incredibly practical for various reasons. The power bank can also be recharged through the USB connection. Their size usually depends only on the capacity of the installed battery. Thus, there are power banks with more or less performance. Smaller power banks are sufficient if they are only needed to charge devices such as smart-phones.

4. Hands-free

The only important reason to have a heads-free headset in your traveling pouch is to pass your time. You can also talk to anyone on call through your headset. Whether your journey takes an hour or more, this time becomes hard for you to spend this time. You can use your headset for many purposes; listening to your favorite songs, watching videos on social media or youtube, or watching movies. This would make it easy for you to pass your time while traveling.

5. Cosmetics 

Of course, you do not want to travel without your favorite cosmetics. It is an essential part of life, especially when you are traveling. If would be a very awkward situation when you washed your face and you look pale. The essential cosmetic items that should be in your travel pouch include lipstick, mascara, and eye-liner.

6. Face-wash

You should always keep face-wash in your travel pouch, and it can make you fresh during your journey. Your skin exposes through dirt and germs from your surroundings. For which you should keep a travel size face-wash with you to prevent your skin from harm.

7. Perfume

This item is something that makes others feel fascinating for you. The fragrance that you use makes up your personality. The perfume is very important to use before you move to meet someone likely to evaluate your personality. Perfume is as necessary as your look, so do not ignore using it.

However, not all perfumes are suitable for travel. In this situation, creed aventus perfumes or colognes will add a new feel to your journey.

8. Hand Sanitizer

Another small unavoidable thing to have in your travel pouch is hand sanitizer. You can use it every time after washing hands with soap. It has some special properties that kill germs even when there is no water and soap around you.

9. Medicines – for patients

On one can be sure that what could happen during traveling. You may have a headache, fatigue, injury, tiredness, etc. Therefore, it is also important to have a few commonly used medicines in your traveling pouch. This practice would reduce the risk of feeling down. In such a case, the medicines would enable you to recover soon.

An important note: use only prescribed medicines. Self-medication could be dangerous for you. You should be sure which medicine would work better for you. Some patients know what it takes to get well soon. However, it is also suggested to avoid taking medicine – if you are not a consistent patient. 

10. Identity Card

Whether you are a local or a tourist, it is important to have an identity card with you all the time. Perhaps, you need to move for any process that needs your identity, such as purchasing, some legal documentation, and verification of yourself. In crucial situations, the police may also ask you to show your identity card or passport.

National identity card and passport is purely photographic proof of your identity. In some cases, even an identity card can be used as a traveling document. It contains a chip to allow access to e-services. Often, when you travel by train, from one city to another, you must have your identity card with you. The ticket checker asks you to show your identity card since the electronic booking of the train ticket has no physical proof. They have your identity number, and you need to show them your original identity card to verify.


Traveling is the most common part of almost every person around the globe. While traveling, you should carry some of the necessary items with you. Common-use items that you use in your routine help in emergency cases. Recommended ten items to carry along with you in your traveling pouch are sweater, wallet, power-bank, headset, cosmetics, perfume, medicine, identity card, face-wash, and hand sanitizer.

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