The 10+ Best Webtoon App you must download in 2020

 Korea has long been on the list of the most developed countries in the world, the giant Chaebol Group of Korea has expanded its global business network in many fields, including the electricity industry.  telecom, commerce, services, travel, entertainment, media … More specifically, in recent years, people have referred to Korea as a new empire of the online comic industry.  With the most famous name being Webtoon Manhwa, next to the King of Japan with Free Manga online comics was born 4 decades ago.  Following the development orientation of economic experts, South Korea’s economic strategy analysts, the online comic market will no longer be confined to the small scope of Korea, but will reach out to the world.  world with breakthrough and solid steps from new technology.  In order to bring high-quality Webtoon Manhwa comics to the international market, the Korean webtoon manhwa system must prepare a huge amount of high-quality and high-quality writing content, among other factors.  The online payment system, the development of widescreen devices such as Samsung S20 +, Iphone 12 pro, and large tablets increase the user experience …

 To promote the creativity of content artists, the Korea Creative Content Agency, or KOCCA (Korean Creative Content Agency), has organized a major event that attracts media attention in the region.  Asia at the end of 2019.  Specifically, KOCCA successfully organized an event called Korean Webtoon Content Start up in Japan on October 30 at Keio University, Tokyo.  The event was attended by 10 Korean startups, where the top leaders of the Korean online comic webtoon Manhwa presented and presented business prospects on behalf of the company.  , or their products and services to potential partners and investors in the Japanese market were also present at the event that day.  The Japanese entertainment industry is still very small with Manga Hentai, Anime Hentai, Doujins, and the Free Manga all their content industry revenue came to $ 16 billion a year compared to $ 900 million.  by Korean webtoon manhwa.

 The content of the event “This Korean Webtoon Content Start up is organized by the organizers in three parts. Part one: organizing individual business meetings with 10 Korean startups; part two: All  The 10 Korean startups that represent the entertainment comics industry in this country present and discuss with other professionals around the world, and the third, but also the last part of the series of events is the  It is an opportunity for everyone to connect with each other, to exchange ideas among participants as economic strategists, industry experts, potential investors and content creators.

 The speakers and honorary guests of this event are really famous names in Webtoon Manhwa industry, leading animation studios in the entertainment industry and comic books in particular.  Not only that, prominent names in other seemingly unrelated fields also participated in the event.  If you are a fan of traditional webtoon manhwa comics or even the modern boys love bl webtoon manhwa online with an in-depth look, then the faces appear in Korean Webtoon Content Start up.  Certainly, it will not be strange anymore.

 Below is a list of 10 best Korean Webtoon Manhwa manufacturers and distributors that you can read excellent works with free webtoon coins and boys love webtoon.  Teen love, girl love, action, horror, thriller, sci-fi … that you cannot ignore.

 1 – Webtoon Line

 2 – Toomics Comics

 3 – Manycomic Entertainment

 4 – Manytoon Comics

 6 –

 7 – Net Comics

 8 –

 9 – Tappytoon Comics

 10 –

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