The Easiest Way to Reset Apple Watch to Factory Settings

An Apple Watch nylon band and the watch itself play a part in defining your style and also reflect that you are a tech-savvy person who loves to use the latest smart features available in devices like your Apple Watch. This is an amazing device that in addition to general features, also offers great health and privacy features. However, due to some reasons, you may have to reset your apple watch to factory settings. Maybe, you forgot its passcode. Or, the device is giving some trouble and you need to troubleshoot it. You may also want to remove any kind of data stored on the watch before you sell it to a new owner. Whatever your motive is, there are several ways you can reset your watch to factory settings. 

Unpair it

This is the quickest and easiest way to reset your watch. You can reset your Apple Watch from the iPhone. We often take this step to remove one of the devices. However, you can get a fresh start by clearing off your data. Take the following steps: 

  • Power on your iPhone and Apple watch. Make sure that both are within the range of each other.   
  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app.  
  • Select the watch you want to reset. You can locate it on the top of the screen. 
  • Look for the information icon inside. It is “i” in lowercase inside of a circle. You can find it to the right of the information panel of the watch. Tap this icon. 
  • Select Unpair Apple Watch.

If you have the watch with Cellular and GPS, the device will ask if you want to remove or keep the cellular plan. In case you want to set up the watch again, make sure that you keep the plan. However, you can remove the plan if you don’t want to use the watch anymore. Speak to your cellular provider if you want to fully cancel your plan. 

The bottom of the screen will show a confirmation request. Look for the name of the watch and tap the Unpair Apple Watch button. If prompted, enter the Apple ID password. 

This will start the unpairing process that will be completed in several minutes. If things work well, the Apple Watch app will show you the Start Pairing screen. The watch will be rebooted and you will see the initial setup interface. 

See, it was super easy to reset the watch to factory reset. 

Erase All Content and Settings

What if you don’t have your iPhone with you or the watch is not paired to the iPhone? Don’t worry, the watch allows you to reset without an iPhone. Access the apps screen of your Apple Watch by pressing the digital crown and take the following steps:  

  • Settings -> General-> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings   

Your Apple Watch will ask for your passcode. The watch will show a warning message telling you about the effects of resetting the watch. Tap Erase All. 

This will start the reset process. You can see a spinning progress wheel on the watch’s display. Once the reset process is finished, you will see the initial setup interface of the Apple Watch. Now your Apple watch is reset to factory settings.

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