The First Federal Savings Bank credit card: Your chance for a fresh start

Ten of Huntington’s most excellent businessmen came together to create the Home Building and Loans Association on 15 April 1912. Soon after William E. Zahn joined the board of directors, the institution changed its name to First Federal Savings and Loan in 1966. Since then the bank and its employees have strived to offer their finest service to the citizens and residents of the US. In the following years, First Federal Savings Bank has encouraged its employees to join several community services and activism pro-actively. Right now, the bank offers an extensive range of services and products. In addition to loans and investment services, the melange of credit cards is the prime attraction for many account holders.

Through the employment of local talent in different locations, the bank has acquired the ability to serve the target consumers satisfactorily. It has gone onto becoming one of the most prominent names in the world of credit services. Enrolling for the First Federal Savings Bank credit card services is quite straightforward. All you need to provide is your account number, security code, social security number and zip code for verification purposes. You will also need to create a personal ID for the access of credit details along with a strong password. Enter your email address to receive all special offers the bank typically sends to the credit cardholders.

How to get a First Federal Savings Bank credit card?

The enrolling step takes less than 10 minutes once you have all the documents and details at hand. A small step can earn you cash back on online purchases and 0 annual fees for the first year of purchases. There are several types of credit cards that the First Federal Savings Bank offers. Here’s a glimpse of the different credit cards you can use –

  • Visa Platinum Card

This card bears no annual fee, but it gives cashback to the user with every purchase. It is a great option for thrifty spenders.

  • Visa Bonus Rewards Card

The Select Rewards Visa Platinum card lets the user choose from a pool of rewards. With every $1 expense on the card, the user earns 1 point. You can redeem the points for merchandise, travel coupons and gift certificates. 

  • Visa Bonus Rewards PLUS Card

This card also gives one reward point for every $1 spent on the card. The user also receives an automatic 50% bonus on all the points he or she earns every month. You can earn 1.50 points per $1 you spend. You can redeem the points for airline tickets without blackout dates, zone restrictions, and seating restrictions. After the first purchase, this First Federal Savings Bank credit card gives the user 5,000 bonus points.

  • Secured Visa Card

The First Federal Savings Bank offers the secured visa card services for those with no credit record. If you have no existing credit score or poor credit score, you can apply for the secured visa card. It is the ideal way to get back on track if you have been struggling with credit scores in the past. As long as you pay the dues within the stipulated period, you don’t have to worry about penalties and additional interest charges. The Secured Visa Card from First Federal Savings Bank can help you mend your FICO score.

  • Cash Rewards American Express Card 

You can earn cashback on every purchase, and there is no limitation on the number of cash reward points. The First Federal Savings Bank offers all first-time users of the Cash Rewards American Express Card free 2500 reward points after their first purchase. It is a great choice if you prefer to charge your everyday transactions including groceries and entertainment on your credit card.

  • Travel Rewards American Express Card

It has no limit on the reward points. You can begin earning rewards from the very first purchase via the Travel Rewards American Express Card. Get 7500 reward points bonus on your first purchase. Other perks include the Domestic Air Savings program and no foreign transaction fee. It is a smart choice for frequent fliers and travelers at a $95 annual cost. The price might seem significantly high compared to the other cards on this list, but reviewers guarantee that you will earn rewards worth substantially more than the annual fee.

What does every First Federal Savings Bank credit card contain?

These credit cards are incredibly easy to use across all popular retail stores and ATMs across the country. All First Federal Savings Bank credit cards have the following features –

  1. An EMV smart chip for enhanced security and easy use. 
  2. Mobile shopping options for the added convenience of the user.
  3. Scores of cash back and rewards programs. The points per net purchase and cash back percentage vary according to the card type.

What are the other credit card types the bank offers?

The First Federal Savings Bank also offers business credit cards that make paying for large machinery, bulk purchases and clearing dues to vendors convenient for the business owner. Most machinery and services companies require a high down payment. The presence of a reliable and cost-effective line of credit can simplify the financing of businesses. The extended introductory offers, generous cash backs, incredible reward points, and amicable interest rates make the First Federal Savings Bank business credit cards quite lucrative for every entrepreneur in the USA.

Why should you check out the First Federal Savings Bank credit cards?

All First Federal Savings Bank credit card come with free spend analysis options. It usually includes reporting tools for monitoring and analyzing the expenses on your credit card. You can monitor your daily spending. You can toggle the expense report between daily, weekly and monthly views. The system feeds the expenditure data monthly that you can access by the fifth day of the month. The revamped credit card spend analysis allows the user to select up to 36 months of reports. You can select your expenses according to categories.

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