The Generation 1 Line of Transformers

If you were born in the 80s, then you probably spent part of your Saturday morning watching the Transformers cartoon. You may have also spent the rest of the day playing with your Transformers toys. As an adult, you may still get the excitement and giddy feelings when you look at these toys. The transformers list of characters is long, but the toys still have an appeal.

When the Transformers toys first came out in 1984, they quickly became one of the most successful franchises in toy history. The toys came first, and then came the animated series, the movie, and the comic books. That line even inspired the most recent movie series that came out in the past decade, as well as a new range of toys. However, for many, the only real Transformers toys are the ones from the 80s.

If you happen to have any of these toys, you may be holding on to treasure that is worth a lot of money. When it comes to the Transformers’ list of characters, some are worth more than others. A few of these are listed below.

List of Transformers That Are in High Demand

Omega Supreme

When the popularity of the Transformers exploded, Hasbro couldn’t get them out fast enough. They were licensing the toys from a Japanese company, so they could only sell what they had licenses for. To keep up with demand, they got this character from the company ToyBox.

This is a large guardian robot that can transform into a base and comes with a cannon and rocket launcher. It wasn’t part of the original Japanese toy series, but it is collectible nonetheless.


This Transformer was the leader of the evil Stunticons, members of the Decepticon group. Nostalgia has driven the desire for people to collect this toy, so there are a lot of people looking for it.


This Transformer was a member of the good guys, and he can transform into a cassette player. While kids may not know what it is, adults will be brought down the memory lane if they have this toy. If it’s in mint condition, it can also be worth a lot of money.

Fortress Maximus

Like today, one of the most sought-after toys are the ones that are large and expensive – and Fortress Maximus is no different. Standing more than two feet tall, this Autobot also transforms itself into a base that can be used by all Transformers.

Determining How Much the Transformers Are Worth

Owning the G1 Transformers can be exciting, but there are many factors that determine their worth. If you still have the toys that you had when you were a kid, their value will be based on the shape they are in. If you played with them extensively, and they are damaged or show wear and tear, you may not get as much money as you anticipated.

If you’re hoping for a huge amount of money for your Transformers’ list of characters, then they need to be in a pristine condition. In many cases, this means they should never have been used. They also need to have all of their original parts.

However, even if you took your toy out of the box very few times and played with it, it could still be valuable. There are ways to find missing parts, including looking online. The best way to find out if your Transformer is worth anything is to ask a toy buyer.

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