The Kolkata connection: 5 reasons to visit

Haven’t been to Kolkata yet? We present 5 reasons why you should visit the city of joy.

Spending time in Port Blair for a holiday is always a good idea, but instead of heading right back home, why not take a detour to Kolkata instead? Though the weather is often extreme in this part of the country, the city is gorgeous and pulsating with life. Here are 5 great reasons to book Port Blair to Kolkata flight ticket:

1. It is steeped in history and culture: Some of India’s most influential playwrights, musicians, artistes and filmmakers call the city their home. It is the backdrop of many a popular work of art, and the fount of scholastic learning. Kolkata residents are known for their deep love of reading, classical music and the good life. You can take a tour of their libraries, universities and colleges, and of course, drive out to Shanti Niketan, for all things Rabindranath Tagore.

2. It has the best markets: From textiles to tea, shopping is excitingwhen in Kolkata. The city has the best markets that stock everything from bags to clothes, and junk jewellery to various kinds of teas. It’s worth booking domestic flight from Port Blair to Kolkata just to take a look at the city’s markets: do visit College Street (the best haunt for books), Bara Bazaar, New Market (it is over 100 years old!), Dakshinapan Shopping Centre, Mahabodhi Tea Company and Biswa Bangla for some superb shopping options.

3. The architecture is exceptional: Kolkata has retained a lot of its British Raj ethos in its architecture. Several buildings and monuments of a century ago are still in good shape in the city. When you book a walking tour or guided visit of the city, make sure to include the stunning buildings and structures like Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Belur Math, Fort William, Mother House (where you can see Mother Teresa’s tomb), St Paul’s Cathedral, JorasankoThakorbari (where Rabindranath Tagore was born). Whether you are a student of architecture or just a connoisseur of great design, you should book a Port Blair to Kolkata ticket to visit.

4. The food is great, too: Kolkata loves to wine and dine in style, and you will never run out of eating options in the city. The city outdoes itself in seafood and meat preparations: kosha mangsho (mutton curry), machherjhol (fish curry), chicken kabiraji, chelo kabab and kathi rolls. Also savour street food like phuchka, Tibetan preparations like soups and momos, jhal muri and telebhaja. And of course, a trip to Kolkata is wasted without sampling some delectable sweets like sondesh, gurrossogolla and kheer kodom.

5. Kolkata loves its sports like nothing else: A passionate race at the best of times, Kolkata locals love their sports to the point of fanatism. The country’s leading football clubs are here, and the city loves football like nothing else. That is not to say that cricket is not loved at all – take a cue from the packed stands at the mecca of cricket in the East, Eden Gardens. Besides these two sports, Kolkata loves golf, polo, swimming and archery.

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