The Role Of Technology In Stress Free Travel

Being a human is equivalent to that of being a machine. Whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult; a typical day to day routine requires a lot of activity and both; physical and mental input. As we grow older, this input increases and so do the stress levels. Thus, there comes a point in our lives that we all need a break. For children, it comes mostly after giving their final examinations but for adults, going away on a getaway is far more pivotal.

So many of us daydream about the Hawaiian Islands, mountains of Switzerland and northern lights of Iceland while struggling to turn in an assignment before its deadline. Dreaming about the perfect getaway is what keeps most of us going. However, travelling isn’t just about picking a place on the globe and booking a flight. It is not as easy as that, trust me. Travelling and especially stress-free travelling where you don’t want to have last-minute problems require a lot of pre-planning. It involves research on the place where you want to visit, to fixating a budget, to managing a timeline, to luggage and so on. It requires a lot of wise decisions like purchasing a virtual mastercard for safety reasons for booking a good hotel room in a nice neighbourhood. Luckily, much of these problems are fixed by technology. Here’s the role of technology in stress-free travel.

Saves You Time

It is not always necessary that you get your sweet time prior to the date you want to travel. Sometimes, you need to make fast decisions. You might need to book a hotel room urgently before all the rooms are booked or you might need to book an early flight before the fares rise or the weather changes and you risk your flight. This means that you will not be able to explore travel books, talk to friends or read a newspaper advertisement for some details.

This is where technology comes in. technology saves you time. It reduces a 2 to 3-day job to a mere 2 to 3 hours. Use your phones and laptops and research wisely. Find online advertisements that provide you with a variety of good choices. Search for hotel rooms, places to eat in, nearby places to go to, must-watch tourist attractions. Check the current selling rate; check the weather, read reviews of people who have travelled there before. Talk to anybody online if you can. Give a good 2 to 3 uninterrupted hours to the internet and make a proper plan guide. Write it down on notes and save all the necessary details and jot down all the numbers. Contact holiday travel agents and start planning your perfect trip.

Easy Booking

Perhaps the most crucial task of travelling is booking. Booking is a task that is time crucial. If you are late even an hour, you can miss out on some amazing deals. You might miss a cheap ticket or a nice round trip package. You might not be able to find the perfect hotel room or even a motel. You might end up with a rundown rental car if you are late with your bookings. Your bookings make and break your whole planning trips.

Thus, using technology to help you with this is pivotal. With technology, you can throw the worry and stress of bookings out the window. You can find cheap and good packages online. You can make hotel reservations online within minutes. Online booking saves you a lot of trouble. Not only does it make it easier but you can also get an e-ticket online. This reduces the risk of you losing documents or the hassle of carrying an armload of papers on your travelling date. You can just print your e-ticket at the last minute and be on the go.

Smart Packing

Most of us make a common mistake. We think about so much our travel plans beforehand but when it comes to packing, we throw caution to the wind and start putting pretty much everything in our suitcases. That is not the way to go. All the airlines have a specific weight limit per bag and a specific number of bags allowed per person. That is just how it is and we have to work accordingly. Again, technology comes in and saves us like superman or whatever your favourite superhero is. The technology works two-fold here.

Let’s start with the first one. You can use technology to browse through YouTube videos. There are a lot of videos on packing hacks. They tell you how to fold your clothes so they can be fit inefficiently. They teach you ways on how to pack a maximum volume of clothes in a small space. They teach you how to pack your delicate and essentials in one place, your gadgets in one and so on. Moving on to the next perk of technology is packing. Using technology’s every perk; you can save a lot of space. Let us take books for an example. Books take a lot of space because you cannot just fold and cram them in places. Moreover, if they are hardback books, they add to the weight. If, however, you have e-books saved in your gadgets, you can save a lot of space. Similarly, you can save movies and audio files in your tablet, laptop or iPad and so on. 

Other Perks

Discussed above are the main advantages of technology in stress-free travel. However, that is not where the list ends. Technology is a Godsend for a lot of us. Your flight is booked, your room is booked, your luggage is packed but there are a lot of obstacles yet to overcome.

This is where maps, translator applications and food come in. You can use Google maps to arrive at your destination. It can take you to every street and corner café. From the main hubs to the inner cafes and destinations, a Google map is your eye. Language translator applications can break all language barriers so you can communicate easily. Food webs can tell you about what you want to eat and the perfect recipe to go for.


Planning a trip requires a lot of money and time. Not everyone can afford it again and again. Thus, you deserve to have a stress free travelling trip where everything is as close to picture-perfect as it can be. Make technology your friend and use it as much as you can to reduce risks and mistakes. However, your vacation is supposed to be free of every worry instead of making it a hassle with unnecessary problems. Bon Voyage!

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