Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Uber, Uber eats- which application you like the most? Perhaps, there isn’t any application you might not using today. These mobile applications are now part of our daily life. 

Analyzing the total number of applications in the market, businesses and startups are turning towards mobile application development projects. The number which is over 5 million will increase by the time we reach the end of this year. 

The popularity and revenue generated from these applications reflect the needs of the users in the community. And these users are not only restricted to a particular domain but are in different demographics of the globe. All are looking for solutions and mobile applications are the right tool for the same. 

By understanding the overall market and user demand, the growth of mobile applications can be seen when visiting the app store. On the other hand, mobile app development company often look for things to make the app outstanding that can withstand prevailing market conditions and competitions. 

The process of developing an application is a long practice but developing it depends upon several factors too. 

Also, the designing, complexity, robustness, technology used, programming languages, etc revolve around cost of developing an application.

Without further ado, let us check out the factors affecting the cost of mobile app development-

1. App complexity level

Each business and startups want their app idea to be robust, outstanding, smooth and should consist of all the possible aspects. Users want their application to be smooth enough to navigate too. 

Moving on, today, the use of technologies like AI, AR, VR, are in demand and integrating such technologies makes the process of app development complex and time taking. 

The more the complex and strong technology will be, the more money needs to be invested in the making of the application. 

2. Too many features

Any application cannot run without different features and functionalities. And if you are willing to bring in more features into the application, it becomes obvious to spent a few extra pennies for the app development process. 

And if the features revolve around trending technologies and latest requirements, the cost of developing the application will also pile upon the prevailing cost. 

3. Technologies used

No application can run without the integration of technology. Also, there are applications like finance, stock market and other similar apps that call for the latest and advanced technologies in order to showcase real-time figures and numbers. 

And for developing such applications, using the best of technologies becomes a requirement that can simply not be substituted with any other tech.

Hence, choosing the right technologies as per the requirement of the app calls for extra investment. And if the technology is AR, VR, ML, AI type, the hike in cost can not go time. 

4. Expert involvement

Experts are called experts because they have the experience of developing an application from scratch to end. And on the other hand, amateur developers though can also develop an application but not with perfection and clarity like experts. 

Time is a powerful key here. App development firm wants that each application they develop should be the right balance of everything. It should be made with the best of technology, improved programming languages, and tools, etc. Hence, deploying experts for the same process becomes a need. 

When the involvement of experts took place in the app development process, the costing factor also rises up. 

Hence, if you are planning to develop an application in the coming days, make sure to ask a few things to ask from mobile app development company.

5. Choice of platforms

Believe it or not, the choice of platforms also plays an important role in the development of applications. 

If you are developing an application for the customers who use iOS, the costing factor will rise whereas if you opt for Android application development, the costing will be a little lesser than the former one. This is the reason, Android app developers often opt for the best option to make the application outstanding in terms of usage and delivery. 

Meanwhile, there is a third option available too- cross-platform app development. This process of app development targets users from both the domain-Android and iOS. Also, the costing factor here is not too much. 

These are just 5 major points portraying the cost of mobile app development. Meanwhile, there are more in the list that portrays the same too. 

Before getting started with the same, make sure you are aware of each and every parameter of the app development along with a clear understanding of whom to target. An additional factor of analyzing the competitor’s application is a good way to realize the potential of the idea too. Also, a quick took at the current market trends and app idea will bring in more fruitful results. 

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