The Traits, Attributes & Abilities of a Successful Makeup Artist

Wanna know the secret to become a successful makeup artist? Here are 5 traits, attributes, and abilities that are essential for anyone wanting to make it big in the makeup industry.

Successful Makeup Artist


Professionalism is the key to becoming a successful makeup artist. This can include being punctual to your appointments, wearing clothing that is appropriate for the job, listening to the client’s needs and the service they expect, being courteous and respectful of all your clients, and collaborating with all members of the team to ensure the client is happy. This can also mean being able to read your client and understand when it is appropriate to chat and when they don’t feel like talking. It might seem like simple steps or common sense but being professional is what will get you repeat customers/clients.


Hygiene is essential to becoming a successful makeup artist. It is so important to keep both you and the client safe during a service. Making sure that your tools and products are sanitized between each client is a must, to prevent infections and contamination. This includes keeping your station clean and tidy. Hygiene stretches to your personal hygiene as well. Simple things like breath mints after a coffee or meal, a spritz of extra deodorant when it’s a long day, and thoroughly washing your hands after smoking will make all the difference for your client in the chair.

Passion & Creativity

We are so lucky as makeup artists to be doing a creative and fun job that we love. Passion plays such a big part in your role as a makeup artist. Being part of a creative team involves bringing ideas to the table and collaborating with lots of different creative minds. The ability to create and express new ideas is essential to becoming a successful makeup artist.


Skill might seem like the most obvious trait needed to become a successful makeup artist, but as you can see there is much more to the job than just being good at it. Skill is the easiest part of the job to teach and with time and practice you can be as skilled as any artist. You can be the most amazing makeup artist, but if you can’t turn up on time, or be respectful or hygienic, then clients and customers won’t want to work with you!


It’s a given that you should be able to work with any skin tone, but you should also be able to work any skin type, including allergies. Skin sensitivity and allergies are very common and being able to adapt your makeup application and products to suit all skin types is a must-have skillset to become a successful makeup artist. Adaptability also applies to client expectations. If the brief from the client changes on the day, you need to be able to adapt quickly and easily to make sure the client is happy.

 Don’t know where to begin? That’s ok, why not look into makeup academies in your area? You can learn all you need to know to set you up for a successful career in makeup with a makeup certification online. There are plenty of online makeup courses in Australia, so why not start researching professional makeup courses today!

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