Things to know before getting a custom window screen

At the very beginning of thinking about the choice of window and parameters characterizing their properties, you should clearly understand that to buy a good window, you should know about every characteristic of it.

Advantages of modern double-glazed windows 

The main components of the success of these double-glazed windows:

Functional glass

A wide range of glasses with various types of coatings allows the manufacture of double-glazed windows with energy-saving, sun-protection, and multifunctional properties, depending on the task and field of application.

Warm Land Frame

The remote frame made of special hard plastic and metal provides 100% adhesion to the glass and guarantees the durability of the structure. Desiccant and high-quality sealing prevent condensation and icing.

Argon chamber

Filling the chamber with noble gas reduces convection inside the glass pane chamber and increases its energy-saving properties.

Aluminum Windows

According to statistics, every year, the buyer increasingly began to choose not plastic windows with double-glazed windows, but aluminum. The progress of mankind does not stand still but constantly keeps up to date. The same can be said about window structures. Previously, aluminum windows could only be found in industrial buildings. 

However, thanks to a qualitative breakthrough in existing technologies, the use of aluminum in the creation of custom window screens is not limited to production facilities. Increasingly, both in the construction of the new building and in existing housing stocks, you can find structures based on the silver medal. 

The range of offered aluminum windows fully meets the needs of even sophisticated buyers. Judge for yourself – products from this light metal can go both in combination with wood, and separately without it. Due to the ductility of aluminum, existing window shapes can be very diverse – round, semicircular, rectangular, square, trapezoidal and architectural. The construction of any non-standard windows can be performed using these metals. 

Even luxury apartments in new buildings are sometimes equipped not with wooden but with aluminum windows. Although, I must say that the principles of their discovery are fundamentally different from all the usual – such windows open like compartment doors. Such an innovation was made possible with the small mass of aluminum.

What do you need to know before buying aluminum windows?

In addition to the above positive aspects, aluminum windows with appropriate care are able to operate for quite a long time – more than 50 years. The properties contained in them prevent the metal from collapsing under the influence of excessive temperatures. Also, the advantages of aluminum windows include resistance to the occurrence and development of corrosion processes. It is used for excellent fire safety.

With modern balcony glazing, aluminum profiles at different thermal conductivity can be used. We are talking about the so-called warm and cold profiles. The insulated profile, in combination with double-glazed windows, is ideal for creating a microclimate on the balcony and makes it comfortable for a long stay of a person. The cold profile is suitable for organizing the cold glazing, which is not demanding to create optimal conditions for finding a person. 

It was possible in a few years, thanks to the excellent characteristics, aluminum windows will successfully compete with plastic counterparts. Therefore, the purchase of aluminum window models is a good investment in creating a comfortable lifestyle at home. 

What do you need to know before buying plastic windows?

With correctly selected plastic windows, you can forget about replacing them or repairing them for a long time. The service life of high-quality plastic windows can last up to 40 years. Wooden analogs of the same quality will cost 2-3 times more expensive, in connection with which most people prefer to install plastic windows. However, before buying plastic windows, you need to familiarize yourself with some of their characteristics. You should find out about all this before going to the store.

When choosing plastic windows, make sure that galvanized steel is used as the basis of the profile. Otherwise, rust may come out in the holes designed to drain moisture.

As studies show, only high-quality plastic windows correspond to all norms and requirements, as well as price preferences. Not surprisingly, these products are very popular among consumers which are based on the following parameters:

  • Availability
  • Various types
  • Reliability and quality.

In addition, the choice should also be based on other parameters. For example, the number of air chambers, the width of the double-glazed window, the number of sealing circuits, indicators of heat and sound insulation. Thanks to modern technologies in production, it became possible to produce such plastic windows that can withstand the influence of a wide range of temperatures and high loads.

Number of air chambers available in profiles

Profiles can be classified by the number of air chambers available. Three-chamber profiles are the best choice, although there are profile structures also with a large number of cameras.

The most optimal and common option is three-chamber profile systems in combination with a two-chamber double-glazed window. As practice shows, most often such profiles are installed in residential premises, while for windows that have large non-standard sizes, structures with a higher strength should be used.


All the mechanisms that are necessary for the full functioning of the window system can be attributed to fittings. It can be latches, handles, and many other devices. 

Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows are several hermetically connected glasses with cameras located between them. These chambers are usually filled with air, but can also be filled with an inert gas. There are even options in which a vacuum is created in the chambers. This design provides effective heat storage while not allowing dust to penetrate between the glasses.

To preserve heat, a special coating that does not transmit infrared rays can be applied to the glass. Thanks to this, in hot summers you can keep cool in the room. And in the cold, winters do not let out heat. At the same time, transparency remains like that of ordinary glass because the applied coating is almost invisible to the eyes.

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To achieve additional thermal insulation, you can also use multi-chamber double-glazed windows. But it must be remembered that the width of the window will increase slightly. Glass can be protected from the effects of fire by a special metal mesh that does not allow it to fly apart during a fire.


When deciding to buy new windows, it is not always worth being guided only by aesthetics. True, aluminum windows are the most modern, but at the same time they are the most expensive and their thermal permeability is too low.

If you have any doubts about the possible use of this model, its parameters and properties, do not be afraid to ask the seller – each window should have documents in which the parameters will be defined.

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