Three Practical Tips for a Successful First Date

First dates are magical and full of surprises. You slowly start to learn about the other person while creating an image of yourself in his/her mind. Now that there are many best hookup apps, every adult has been on plenty of first dates. We all learn something from our experiences. This article is about learning from others’ experiences to ensure your first date is a success. 

Pick a Tried Place for the First Date

Never try a new place on your first date if you have the choice of picking a spot. The new place could be too classy or too cheap. It might have an environment that puts pressure on both of you. The place for a first date should be neutral. If you frequently go on first dates, pick one good site that has a pleasant environment and good food. 

First dates are already difficult enough. On top of that, sitting through bad food and rude customer service would be too much to deal with. Remember, if the restaurant was your choice, you are responsible for whatever you experience there. 

Keep Some Mints with You

First dates are interviews. You both will be judging each other for everything you did, do, or say. The most common activity for a first date is eating at a restaurant. When you eat or drink, your breath starts to stink. That’s why you should always keep a mint (not a chewing gum) with you even when you are not on a date. 

First, it will ensure you can talk with confidence without making the other person uncomfortable. Second, it will create an excellent image of you when you offer it to your partner. The other person will unconsciously start to think of you as a neat and clean person. 

Create a List of Topics for Conversation

There can’t be anything more awkward than the time none of you have anything to talk about. Gather your knowledge about your potential partner and make a list of topics that would be interesting for him/her. However, don’t write them on a page to take them with you on the date – that would be weird. You can write the list on your mobile phone. 

Make sure you have ten to twenty solid topics, but you don’t necessarily have to use all or any of them. Let the conversation take its natural course. The list should come out when you predict that awkward silence situation. 

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