Tips Of Keeping Your Interior Lively

You must thank if you are living under a roof, you have a house to living. However, decoration and interior designing is something that set your house looks great. It is nothing better than a house that comfortable and welcoming. Even the designs of interior doors can add value to your house to look lively and aesthetically pleasing.   

It is not easy to meet perfect decoration stuff in your interior. However, when you encounter such decor, you are always at a loss with extremely poor living experience. Although the layout is not perfect, we can spend a lot of time thinking about decoration. Through flexible design and matching, we can improve the space and living effect, and make a complete transformation. Even if you meet the “Ugly Duckling”, do not give up your dream of chasing “White Swan”. Clean it, reinvent or revamp it and you would find it awesome and be surprised yourself.

A few things that enhance your interior look include:

Poor lighting

In real life, daylighting does not seem ideal and the rooms are dark. Insufficient lighting can easily cause the interior space to appear depressed and dark and even affect people’s living mood. If you want to change this defect, you must learn to fill the light.

Room colors can also be properly used such as goose egg green, sky blue, bright yellow, pure white and other bright colors. This would provide a whole room fresh and bright visual effect. On the other hand, you can use the reflection of the mirror to direct light from other rooms, which can increase the brightness of the room.

If there are more rooms in the home, you can design a room with poor lighting as a cloakroom or other space that does not require much sunlight.

The dark bathroom in the master bedroom is designed as an open bathroom, which solves the problem of lighting well. The cabinet and the wall reflect to enhance the sense of space.

Units with many beams

From the interior designer’s point of view. It would help if you treat beams according to the structure of the room. If the top is a flat space, the beam can get hidden by a ceiling. If it is an inclined or irregular beam, generally you adapt to local conditions and decorated following specific requirements.

“L” type

This apartment looks very much like an uppercase English letter “L”. It will easily form a narrow passage, making a lot of space not be used well. Moreover, it will significantly affect the arrangement and placement of furniture. If it is a non-load-bearing wall, you can consider opening it. Open the passage to the connected room and expand the space. You can then re-plan according to functional needs.

If you cannot open the wall, use partitions in the room to divide different functional areas. This is how space can be fully utilized. For example, placing a cabinet as a storage space, or hanging pictures or other decorations on a strong surface to make a display space.

Floor plan

Houses with low and high floors are likely to cause people a sense of depression. You should keep in mind that small changes made in the decoration improve the interior. You should not use all the ceiling methods, use partial or non-hanging methods to decorate the ceiling. Do not use the heavy floor or floor tiles on the ground; use relatively thin paving materials. Soft installation is suitable for strip-shaped three-dimensional decoration. This can effectively stretch the space and enhance the three-dimensional visual effect of the space.

You should always prefer to choose small and short styles for your home and furnishings to increase the effect of indoor space.

Units with insufficient storage space

Storage space is indispensable for every family. The lack of functions in this part will make the home look messy.


Making full use of the height of the space and the wall space helps to store things. The hanging cabinet is a good choice, it does not take up space, and it is in practice. You can also utilize the corner space and some fragmented space.

Units where the functional area is not clearly divided

When you are designing the layout of some house types, the used space is not clearly distinguished. It makes the space very inconvenient during your living.


When you use the partitions carefully, you can separate the functional areas. You can do so by using glass or thick decorative curtain materials. These curtains will not take up much space and will not interfere with each other, which is very convenient.

Irregular housing units

For the irregular units, the overall planning, design, and selection of furniture are particularly essential. To fully and perfectly use every corner, you must customize and match according to the specific units and spaces.

When the whole house is customized. Now, you can design the corresponding activity space through mobility, disassembly, addition, reduction, and combination. At the same time, you can give full play to your imagination, design furniture according to the actual size, and achieve efficient use of space. Use every corner reasonably and perfectly.

Floor curtains extend the vision

For low-height spaces, curtains are also worth using. Even if your window is only half, you can choose full-length curtains. Its visual effect makes the window more substantial than it really is. Curtains hung to the ceiling and draped close to the ground can extend the vision upwards. This also creates a slightly high sense, extends the vertical length through the vertical lines, and forms an open visual effect.

Use mirrors to expand the vision

Mirrors are not only an indispensable tool for organizing your appearance at home but also an artifact for creating a sense of space. Mirrors can reflect light well and make the home look bright. The mirroring function can bring the visual effect of infinitely extending space, and sometimes even deceive your eyes.

Smart use of lamps

You can choose a more concise ceiling light, and the popular light strip design, and use it with various forms of “lightweight” lamps. These lamps are downlights, spotlights, wall lamps, and table lamps. With the cooperation of different light sources, the light of the entire space will change and will be more layered.

Transparent cabinets and shelves

For some high cabinets or cabinets located at top places, you can choose glass or acrylic material design that is made of transparent materials to increase visual transparency.


You can experiment with your interior and home accessories in a wonderfully uncomplicated manner. Even small changes in the apartment have a significant impact, such as painting your wall with a suitable color or hanging pictures on bare decorative walls. Now that you have gone through the inspirational ideas in this article; it is time to move ahead and give your interior a lively look again.

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