Trade shows are a big deal for all businesses out there. It’s their chance to portray themselves in front of their customers. As a result, a lot of hard work and effort is put into these shows, and what customers see is a labor of endless days and night.

These days businesses consider their marketing strategies incomplete without trade shows. No doubt that these trade shows possess several benefits for businesses. After all, it promotes face to face interactions, some great direct sales opportunities, and helps in creating a brand image.

If you’re about, to begin with, your trade show, then let us give you the formula for success. Here are eight tips for creating an appealing booth to attract customers. 

Introduce your Brand

An appealing theme of the booth is super important, but remember, it should match the theme of your brand. Trade shows are all about introducing and creating brand awareness. Hence, your main focus is to introduce your brand.

So, here’s what you can do. Put in colors and posters similar to the ones in the logo of your brand. This would help people recognize your brand easily. For instance, – Coca-Cola’s booth won’t have any colors other than red and white. Moreover, deliver the message of your brand – it’s eco-friendly, organic products, etc.

A Bright Striking Design 

Any trade show exhibit is incomplete without a striking design, and this is what appeals to the customers. A happening booth design full of colors can always set itself apart from the rest. Don’t shy away from investing some money on shelves, posters, and banners because this is part of your marketing budget.

Besides, you need to take care of your lighting on your own because you never know what the venue holds for you. You can’t let your booth suffer because the venue doesn’t provide enough lighting. Put in some creative led lights, lamps, or spotlights – helping it become more visible to the customers.

Create a Photo Booth 

If you think photo booths are too last year, you’re wrong! 

Pictures and selfies have never gotten out of trend. All you have to do is, create a mesmerizing photo booth by incorporating the creativity skills of your whole team. Inserting some great ideas along with your brand message, logos, and colors could be challenging, but worth all the effort.

Believe it or not, this is a fantastic idea for attracting customers. Moreover, add some photo props to boost up the game. Remember, to make your photo booth as appealing as possible because traditional photo booths are no longer getting you any customers.

Games and Giveaways 

Giving pamphlets and flyers regarding your brand doesn’t allow any interactions. Customers like brands that can interact with them through any means. You can begin by telling people about your products and services but, isn’t this just one-sided communication? Whereas games, quizzes, and fun activities can ensure just the opposite by inviting people to your booth and resulting in a friendly engagement. 

Are you wondering what games adults like to play? Board games are not an option here. Instead, you can go for a mini scavenger hunt. If this doesn’t sound convenient, then opt for ‘spin a wheel’ or a ‘mini quiz’ that is related to your brand.

Remember, customers won’t do anything like this until you show your gratitude by promising a prize. It can be something related to your brand, for instance, cups and t-shirts with your brand logo, or it can be something completely random. You don’t have to go the extra mile for prizes, but remember to offer something of value. This is crucial in increasing the participation rate.

Product Demos

Product demos are more effective than you can imagine. This is because talking about how great your product is not enough. You need to prove it with some evidence. If you’re selling a smartphone or a smartwatch, allow people to use it, enabling them to see all the features. However, if it’s not a gadget, you can present it the same way. For instance – if you’re selling furniture, you can display it to people.

On the same hand, if you’re offering services, then you can show them how it is done. Perhaps, it’s one of the most compelling things that can happen at a booth and attract customers. 

Make it Eye-Catchy and Unique 

Something unique on your booth can set it apart and attract customers too. Here’s a big idea. You can all out a celebrity to make a surprise appearance at your booth. Rather than a random celeb, you can also call your brand ambassador, if it’s a known personality. It would attract all people towards your booth.

If you are unable to reach the celebrities, there are many creative and fun ideas that you can incorporate, for example, playing music or having a DJ. Who doesn’t like grooving to the beats of the music? Playing music at your booth can be a great idea, but make sure that it’s not too loud and ends up annoying people at the event. 

An even better idea would be to focus on producing merch. You can get eco-friendly bags with your logo printed on them. They can be filled with the samples, prizes, giveaways, and as a result, increasing visibility.

Invite People Over 

It’s imperative to give people a reason to attend trade shows. So, how about some ‘special offers’? You can give some exclusive discount vouchers to people who come to your booth.

Surprisingly, people can’t say no to invitations like these.

You can also take a more visual approach to invite people. Have you ever seen arrows on the floor directing you towards a shop or a booth? If yes, then you can get something similar. Create colorful and visually appealing arrows to direct customers towards your booth. 

Furthermore, refrain from creating distance while interacting with your visitors. You’re at one corner and customers at other, is something that must be avoided. 

Offer Something More 

Here’s the exciting thing, offering customers more is all about catering to some simple and small things. For instance – if you’re operating in the beauty and skincare industry, you can give away free samples, creative makeup magnets, makeup bags, and similar products.

Other than this, there’s a lot more you can offer. Charging booths is an excellent option so that people can charge their devices if they are running out of battery. As a result, it can increase traffic to your booth. Since people are always on the lookout for free Wi-Fi everywhere, you can arrange it at your booth. These small things can make a difference and attract customers.

Final Verdict 

Trades shows hold a great deal in today’s world since it’s a remarkable way to market any business. Trade shows can be a failure if you’re unable to attract customers because it’s all about promoting your products and services. Take a look at the above mentioned eight tips to create an appealing booth to attract customers.

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