To Do List before Landing London Airport

Traveling to the city of London and in need of a checklist? Well, we knew you’d be looking for one, that is why we have gathered all the things you’ll be needing before you go to London. Also, we have listed down the timeframe for doing all these things. Getting accommodation, planning the entire trip and London airport transfer, all needs to be in this list for your own ease. Once you follow this list, you will be able to plan your trip like a Pro.

The Ultimate Checklist Before Your Big Trip To London

Planning a trip anywhere in the world can be an overwhelming thing. But when its your first time ever traveling, you need to make the most of it. And if the place you have selected is London, then you need everything in the book to follow through because this vibrant city is a gem of a place. Every little detail needs to be soaked in with care and attention.

Therefore, we have rounded those things you HAVE to do. And it needs to be done before you get to London. This list will tell you what to do exactly and when. Its as easy-peasy as eating a piece of cake.

With the help of the list we’ve formed for you, your planning the trip to the city will be a cinch. Once that is out of the way, all you need to do later will be having fun and nothing else.

  • Organize Your Travel Documents And Book Flights

Now that you have finally decide you NEED to go to London, the first thing you need to do is get your travel documents in order. See if your passport is valid. And if not, get it renewed.

Check out on the website what you need to get the visa. Arrange all those documents too in order to obtain a visa for the U.K.

Once you’ve got the visa, its not time to book your flights. You need to do this way ahead of time so that you know you have enough time on your hand before traveling and you can get all your jobs done. There is also a great chance you can get an affordable flight if you book 3-4 months in advance. Similarly, if you are traveling during off-season, again there are chances that you can get some discount on your flight to London.

  • Book Accommodation

You’ve got the Visa and you’ve booked your flight. Its now time to start looking at some suitable accommodation for booking. When you have your ticket in hand, you have an idea in which dates you will be traveling and for how many days. You can book a hotel in accordance to that ticket. However, if you plan to stay in more than one city in England, then you need to shortlist all the places where you will be spending your time and for how many days, book hotels according to that.

  • Know When You Will Be Flying To London

Your tickets have been booked. This is an assurance that you know the dates of your traveling to London and returning from your trip. Now that you’ve this out of the way, you have an idea how much time you have in your resident country. You can manage all your errands to that time. Make a list of all those things you feel are important before you travel and do all them in that time you have. Making a list will help you remember what you need to do and how much time you have left for doing that.

  • Organize Your Passport, Visa And Ticket

As the dates for your travel approach near, its time you arrange all your documents in order. From your Visa, passport, ticket, travel sized photographs, ID card to other important documents, you need to arrange them all in one place. This way, on the day of travel, you won’t have to run from one drawer to the other finding all your key documents. All of those will be nicely placed in one corner of your closet, ready to be grabbed.

  • Get Medical Checkup

Just a few days before your travel, make a doctor’s appointment. Before you travel, its best you get a medical checkup to see you’re in the perfect health to travel. Also, you can ask the doctor for some traveling tips.

If you have some allergies or medical issues, you can bring it up with the doctor and your medical expert will advise accordingly.

  • Arrange For A Chauffeur Service

London is a foreign land to you. You are not aware of the roads and driving rules. Its best that you hire a chauffeur service in the area for your London airport transfer. Not only that, these services will be booked for the entire holiday so that whenever and wherever you have to travel, the ride is readily available to take you.

Moreover, the chauffeur services are the best way to move about in the city, and even out of London if you’re up for it. These car hire services and the trained chauffeurs will make your journey super-comfortable and stress-free. Since you won’t have any idea about the roads and locations, these chauffeurs will take you wherever you please.

  • Booking The Best Tours In London

All the places you’re interested in, you can book tours to those with the best agencies in town. From the Tower Of London, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben to more, all these places need not to be missed out. Booking a tour prior to your arrival will be highly favorable and will save you lots of time.

Now that you’re plan to visit London has been finalized, you need to make a checklist of all the things you need to do before you land at the airport. From booking a place for accommodation to London airport transfer, you need to do all that before getting on that plane, or else you’re inviting for you some trouble

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