Top 3 Reasons to Use a Fountain Pen

The concept of regular writing with fountain pen is pretty perplexing to the general public nowadays. With our laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets always at arms reach, we have little reason to pick up our pens and put them to paper. With the minimal motivation to resist the urge to type and tap away, the art of writing becomes rather lost, soon be to extinct if we don’t make an active choice to write! If you plan on joining the writing resistance, and you’re looking for the right for all your jottings, musings, and even drawings, look no further than a fountain pen! Here are a few reasons to reach for a fountain pen this year…

The Feel 

A fountain pen feels incredible to write with, really, there’s no tool out there quite like it. People love to use this classic pen because it allows smooth, luxurious writing feel that is still practical and comfortable. 

You’ll find that fountain pens come in a variant of different materials, some are gold, brass or silver whilst others might be lightweight plastic, the material that you choose will absolutely have an effect on what the writing process feels like, so be sure to select carefully. If you’re really looking for a high-end experience whilst you write away, you should definitely opt for a metal, however, only go for this luxe choice if you’re planning on writing for shorter stints. Those who will be scrawling page after page of notes or work should definitely stick to a lightweight, technical plastic. The pen’s grip is also going to have an impact on the feel in your hand, try to stick to rubber if you want to feel completely comfortable, metal or plastic grips are less accommodating to strenuous use.

The Look 

Both the look of a fountain pen and the handwriting you achieve with one are a significant reason to use one! Fountain pens look glorious, there’s no way around it. They are traditional, worldly and look fantastic placed on your desk. So, in essence, you’ll be investing in a great tool and a desk embellishment too!

The writing that you are able to produce with a fountain pen is the second aesthetically compelling reason to pick one up this year. Depending on the nib, you can get intricate dainty letters or larger, flowing writing – pick in regards to the size of your handwriting. Fountain pens create a flowing, intricate sequence on the paper, so if you love a little artistic gratification, you should absolutely invest in one now. 


A fountain can use two inking methods, a potted, refilled cartridge system or just a cartridge replacement. If you wisely opt for the former, you’ll find that your pen is a smart and sustainable choice! Plastics pens and cartridges create unnecessary waste and are not environmentally friendly, so if this is important for you, they really should be avoided. A potting system allows you to fill up your reusable cartridge once its emptied, reducing your single-use plastic consumption whilst you continue to enjoy a first-class writing tool, not bad right? 

These are just a few reasons that you should absolutely make the switch to a fountain pen this year. They are well worth the investment as long as you make your choice based on your lifestyle and your writing style. Take into consideration the material, grip and nib size before you take the plunge to ensure that you wind up with your perfect paper companion. You’ll never look back! 

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