Top 4 Instagram Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid Making at All Costs!

Instagram is a popular marketing platform for businesses of all sizes to promote their brand products. After all, the photo-sharing smartphone app has just over a billion monthly active users. This is a huge market for owners of these businesses to exploit. Unfortunately, online marketing experts admit not all of them are successful in attracting the attention of their online targeted audience. Some owners notice a significant increase in their revenues while others do not know where they are going wrong.

What type of marketing mistakes should business owners avoid making on Instagram?

Marketing specialists say point out the following four common marketing mistakes business owners should avoid making on Instagram:

  • Posting low-quality visual content

Instagram users judge the brand products of businesses by the quality of the images they post on this photo-sharing app. If the photos and live videos are not a high-resolution, it spoils these online users’ overall experience. They assume that the owners of these businesses do not show any interest in selling good-quality products in the market. As a result, Instagram followers tend to avoid browsing through the profile of such businesses. This is why business owners should endeavor to post high-quality images of their brand products on Instagram.

  • Not using the right hashtags

Hashtags are a special feature on Instagram, which allows business owners to engage with their online targeted audience. In the process, they are in a position to convert many of these online users into customers. Unfortunately, many of these owners do not always use the right hashtags when interacting with Instagram followers. In many cases, the ones these owners use are irrelevant to the businesses they operate in the market. This is the reason why they do not any increase in sales and organic traffic to their business websites.

  • Nofresh visual content regularly

Business owners need to understand that they have post fresh visual content on Instagram regularly. Only then can they expect to promote their brand products to real Instagram followers and attract their attention. Otherwise, the owners will soon find out that their efforts to boost sales revenue are in vain. In the worst-case scenario, they end up losing customers to their closest competitors in the market. Business owners should make it a point to update the visual content on Instagram profiles regularly.  

  • Not responding to queries and comments of Instagram followers

Business owners are aware that they need to interact with their online targeted audience. Only then will they come to know and understand the purchasing habits of these potential customers. Accordingly, they can adjust their marketing strategy to meet the needs of these customers. Unfortunately, very few business owners take the time and effort to respond to the queries and comments of their Instagram followers. As a consequence, the owners begin to lose customers over time.

Having a profile on Instagram can improve the growth prospects of businesses of all sizes. This is only possible when the owners of these businesses avoid making common marketing mistakes. These include posting low-quality images of the brand products and failing to use the right hashtags. Moreover, the owners should regularly post fresh visual content on their profile and engage their Instagram followers.

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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