Top 4 Reasons to Use a LED Video Wall in Church

The development of science and technology has changed the church services. People now can get the content by looking up at the projection on a wall and no longer need to look at the hymn. LED video wall for the church even allows well-lit churches to use multimedia to serve the congregations. That’s why many chapels decided to switch to a church video wall.

With the trend of LED video walls being more and more accessible for the church, many people decided to install an LED screen to upgrade the whole space. These video walls enable church leaders to share customized videos, images, and text, etc. and encourage believers to actively participate in the service through new visual experiences.

LED video wall for church looks very good under the ambient light, with bright colors and an excellent viewing angle. It is an ideal choice for church programs and sermons. Many churches were users of new video technology, integrating large projections and LCD screens in their sanctuaries. 

Unfortunately, projection technology has become obsolete over time. The disadvantages of projection are gradually emerging. Under such a trend, an LED video wall stands out and occupies the market with its unique advantages:

Better Visibility

LED video wall image has a high-quality image. Traditional projectors usually lack the necessary brightness for reading or viewing. They must be in the dark environment to ensure the clarity of the vision, while LED video walls for the church do not; they work well in the office with environmental lighting conditions. If the chapel has ambient light at some point in the day, the church LED video wall can be a better solution than LCD or projection technology.

As for another, the critical factor of low brightness is the gray level. LED video wall can deal with 16-bit color depth processing, ensuring the image quality even in low brightness conditions and a high gray level. With appropriate visibility and image quality, the congregation can easily read lyrics, scriptures, sermons, and watch the live broadcast.

LED wall


The cost of an LED video wall has been greatly reduced, and the initial cost is only 15-20% higher than that of the projection system. LED video walls are also modular, allowing panel or bulb replacement at a lower price. 

By contrast, cheaper projectors don’t last long. When one projector bulb or the whole projector fails, the cost of each replacement can increase by thousands of dollars. If there are other components broken, the maintenance cost of a projector is higher than that of a church video wall.

Longer Lifespan

The service life of the projector is usually 3 to 5 years, and it needs constant maintenance in the whole service life. However, LED video walls for church last two to three times longer than projectors. Moreover, LED has millions of active self-luminous light sources that burn evenly at a steady rate, which also helps extend its service life.

Other Advantages

Many church services today include modern elements, especially live music. A lively worship environment that the participants can sing together could be provided by a Church LED wall. Many church elements, such as benches, altars, and high ceilings, are usually traditional designs. In contrast, the installation of a church video wall can immediately provide new feelings. 

LED wall


Since you have known the advantages of church video walls, you may want to buy high-quality LED screens for church. There are all kinds of LED screens with the different qualities available in the market. It is wise of you to choose a reliable manufacturer to make you worthwhile. RIGARD is an example of a reliable LED display manufacturer.

RIGARD has been expertise at LED display manufacturing for long, and LED video walls for the church is one of its star products. This church LED video wall has a high resolution, front installation and front maintenance, curved design, etc. It could offer help as much as possible to decorate a characterized church. If you are interested in it, get one!

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